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Wagon | Horse Drawn Wagon | Gear | Hardware Kit

Updated on March 26, 2013

Build your own reproduction horse drawn wagon, or refurbish a wagon using these Amish built components.

You have seen them in the movies and up close in historical museums.

Many love to collect or use these old fashioned horse drawn wagons for backdrops, or as actual working wagons.

The box wagon was the workhorse of any farm, ranch or business that needed to haul and transport supplies.

It was what the pickup truck is for today’s farmers, ranchers and business people. Families would take these wagons to town on Saturdays to shop and then return home with supplies.

These wagons are still used in the Amish communities just as they were used before the automobiles and pickup trucks took their place.

Whether you just need some parts or you want to build a wagon from scratch, this online store allows you to custom build from the gear up a box wagon, a covered wagon or a complete chuck wagon.

Wagon parts are made the old fashioned way in a Northern Indiana Amish wagon shop.

To save on shipping you can purchase the metal hardware kits, which includes all the side brackets, rods, wagon irons, and foot rest to build a standard 38” or 42” box wagon.

Wagon seat hardware with the authentic leaf springs and iron arm rest, back braces and wagon box hangers is also available.

Wagon wheels can be purchased with steel rims or rubber rims.

If you are wanting to build a wagon from scratch the site allows you to select the size of gear either 38” or 42” and then the size of wagon rims either 2” or 2-1/2” wide.

Brake options include both the old fashioned authentic rub or hydraulic brakes.

The wagon box and seat can then be added as well as the tongue. From this platform you can also add the bow cleats and bows with a complete canvas top to make a functional working covered wagon.

These are authentic built working wagons that can be used on trail rides on ranches, movie productions, or in living history museums.

The box wagon hardware, brakes, and seat hardware can be shipped UPS.

Other Wagon components are priced F.O.B at the Amish shop. Truck transport can be arranged.

Visit Cottage Craft Works .com to order hardware kits and or the complete wagon components.

Cottage Craft Works .com is a back to basics emporium full of old time reproduction products just like the old fashioned wagons.


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      Mukz 3 years ago

      This article is obsvuoily very well researched and written. I have found this content to be valuable information presented in a very interesting way. On a scale from 1-10 I'd have to rate this content a 10.