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Active and attractive

Updated on February 10, 2011

Active and attractive

Glowing cheeks, bright eyes, a swinging walk, shinning hair, and fresh clothes - if that's a picture of you, no need to ask if you're active and attractive. Anyone can see you are. If you feel it's not quite you, read on and try out the ideas.

Walk Tall

Many African girls carry their heads beautifully because they often have quite heavy loads on them. They push against the load. Try it and you'll see how it pulls up your whole body and your head.

Carry an imaginary load, and walk tall - head up, chin in, shoulders straight but relaxed, feet pointing straight forward.

If you are taller than your friends, resist the temptation to slouch or stoop. Hold yourself erect and look proud of those extra inches.

Walk from the hips, not knees, tuck your seat under you, and pull your tummy in, and there you are, poised and alert.

Sit or Slump

'He threw himself on to the settee'; 'she slumped in her seat'; 'they dropped into chairs''; read any novel and you'll learn how people sit.

'She sat down neatly and gracefully'. Remember to keep your weight controlled until you are in the chair. Then relax but don't slump. Tuck your back against the chair back, legs together, feet side by side or crossed at the ankle. Your underwear should remain a secret throughout.

keep in Training

Plenty of games and walks outdoors keep your muscles toned up and your lungs filled with fresh air. Exercise helps to give you a trim figure and an alert brain, and keeps your organs working well. 

Beauty Sleep

No money could buy you so marvellous a beauty treatment as ten hours' sleep every night. Give yourself the full benefit; sleep in a comfortable, firm bed, with plenty of fresh air pouring in at the window and in the morning you wake up refreshed and energetic, ready for what the new day brings.

Every morning, let your bed-clothes and mattress air thoroughly, to dry off the moisture you've given out in the night. That way your bed will fell fresher and you'll be warmer too.

Learn to relax

Don't be on the go all the time. Restless, fidgety people are tiring company. When you sit, relax and sit still. Practise breathing deeply and slowly; you'll be surprised what a calming effect this has. if TV plays, or films, excite you, avoid them just before bedtime. Relax with a book, or pleasant music.


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      jia 5 years ago

      i will try my level base to follow this ..

      then .. lets see what whould be heppend ;-)