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Walking in ice using Yaktrax or other ice cleats on your shoes - Great Deals!

Updated on July 15, 2011

Walk in winter conditions with Yaktrax

 If you are looking for a way to stay upright in winter conditions then you have come to the right place. This page is dedicated to finding great deals on Yaktrax and providing you with the information you need before making your yaktrax purchase.

Just about everyone has experienced trying to walk on ice or packed snow. The nervous foot shuffling walk that we all attempt when walking to work on a winter morning or on our way to the ski lifts on holiday. Well there is one piece of equipment on the market that fits over any outdoor footwear. Easily put on and removed, Yaktrax making slipping over on ice a thing of the past and can even be used by runners.

walk on ice using Yaktrax

What are Yaktrax?

Yaktrax are a simple, well designed device made to slip easily on over your existing footwear. The soles consist of a pattern of tight coils of rust protected metal. These coils offer every step hundreds of biting edges that hold tight to the ice. Yaktrax are perfect for a range of users and situations;

The elderly can become housebound in the winter for fear of accidents in icy conditons. Yaktrax can slip on over their shoes to provide grip and piece of mind.

Dog walkers often have little choice but to brave icy pathways during winter. Yaktrax are perfect to keep hanging next to the dog lead and provide security when you have no choice but to go out.

Runners can find their training programme seriously interrupted during icy conditions. Yaktrax have a solution that gives runners great traction on ice and packed snow.

The Yaktrax Walker

The original Yaktrax footwear is the Walker. They are perfect for people looking for an easy to use traction device to keep them safe in a variety of icy conditions. From a long winters walk to just popping to the shops for a paper, Yaktrax walker covers all the bases. Walking on ice in the Yaktrax Walker is natural and easy, eliminating the risks associated with walking on ice covered pathways and roads.

The Yaktrax Walker is also available in clear and importantly neon. The neon green Yaktrax offer additional visibility during the shorter winter days.

Yaktrax Pro - The Professionals Choice

 The Yaktrax Walker Pro has stronger coils on its soles and the additional security of a retaining top strap. This more rugged version of the classic yaktrax makes it ideal for the outdoors enthusiast or worker. The Yaktrax Pro is the perfect traction device for runners.

Video review of yaktrax

For some other opinions on the yaktrax ice traction systems take a moment to have a look at this video of them in action. You can see just how easy they are to use and how easy it is to walk on ice using them. For what they cost they represent incredible value considering the benefits they offer.



Walking on ice with Yaktrax - an independent review

 "I was bought some Yaktrax last winter after id had a series of falls out walking our young puppy on the icy roads near our house. I was fairly unsure about Yaktraks at first thinking that putting them on and off would be too much hassle to bother with everytime I went out. However I found that it takes me seconds to put my Yaktraks on and take off and now I keep them in the back of the car, just in case. I cant recommend them enough. I'm now thinking of upgrading to the Yaktrak Walker Pro now that Ive started running with the dog."

Walking in icy conditions - alternatives to Yaktrax

More expensive than the Yaktrax, Kahtoola microspikes would not at first seem much competition to the Yaktrax. Yet they utilise spikes rather than coils and this makes them more suited to mixed material use. Whilst Yaktrax are extremely well suited to icy pavements, the spikes of the Kahtoola are great for ice, snow, wet rocks and scree. For the mountain walker or outdoor enthusiast who may encounter a mixture of icy conditions the Kahtoola comes out on top.


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