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Walking provides awesome health benefits

Updated on July 7, 2011

Walking provides awesome Health Benefits

Walking is the best fitness tool & from experience I strongly believe it is a sure way to a healthier life. It has multiple benefits & brings about a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual & occupational well-being. Advanced Technology has made life very comfortable but has also made us lazy & physically inactive resulting in an increase in sickness & diseases like diabetes, cholesterol,blood pressure, heart ailments even among the very young.

Several years ago I had a sedentary life-style. My job required me to sit at the desk from morning to evening as a result of which I gained a lot of weight especially at the base, had no stamina, suffered aches & pains & became lazy. My sister who is very health conscious & also in the medical line enrolled me in a Gym & enlightened me on the importance of Health & Fitness. I was irregular at the Gym due to my busy schedule & working hours & must admit I was lazy & did not want to wake up early in the morning & was too tired to exercise after work. Determined to get me out of my unhealthy life-style , my sister introduced me to Walking.

Initially I walked just for 10 to 15 minutes a day & gradually kept increasing every week. Now I walk for 30 minutes a day & feel so fit & healthy. I have lost weight, developed a good stamina & feel relaxed mentally & physically. Undoubtedly walking helps in many ways. Just a brisk walk daily helps you to de-stress, controls your blood sugar, cholesterol & blood pressure levels,strengthens your heart & bones, helps to slow down aging, helps you lose weight & refreshes your memory. You must be consistent with walking time, duration & speed.

Walking is good for people of all ages. It is necessary to wear comfortable clothing & also proper walking shoes to avoid discomfort & injury to your feet. Walking at the promenade or joggers park is ideal. If for whatever reason you are unable to go for regular walks, you must take every opportunity to use the stairs instead of the lift, walk when ever possible instead of taking transport facility.

Elderly people should take into account their age & physical fitness level. Never overdo walking especially when you feel exertion, breathlessness, chest discomfort, feeling of exhaustion & giddiness. Rest & relax & if symptoms persist call a doctor.

We must make a positive & life enhancing decision to incorporate walking into our daily lives to avail of the benefits listed below :

1) For weight management.

2) To build up cardiac respiratory fitness.

3) For lipid management.

4) To build strong bones.

5) To reduce your stroke risk.

6) To manage blood pressure.

7) To better brain power.

8) To de-stress.

9) To sleep well.

10) To defeat diabetes.

11) To reduce The risk of cancer.

12) To live longer.

So do not miss out on your daily walk. Experience the awesome benefits of walking & live a longer & healthier life.


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    • profile image

      Binaya.Ghimire 6 years ago

      Useful and inspiring hub. Thanks for sharing.

    • Diana Mendes profile image

      Diana Mendes 6 years ago

      Thanks Dariashakti ! Walking is truly the best form of exercise & if we make walking our daily habit we can live a longer & healthier life.

    • dariashakti profile image

      dariashakti 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Nice hub, Diana! I love to walk and it makes a big difference in your health when you do it every day. It's even more fun when you have some company!