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Walking through a Vineyard

Updated on May 31, 2017
A Picture of my grape vineyard the table grapes
A Picture of my grape vineyard the table grapes

Walking through a Vineyard

When you hear the word Vineyard limitless things come to mind that deal with grapes. For example a winery, or grapes that you eat and having money although we all don't live in the movies if we live on a Vinyard. Most People probably think of wine, because that is what the word vineyard stands for doesn’t it? How many people have actually seen a vineyard? Probably most people even if they didn’t know what it was. Have you ever went to a winery for a tour and went through the vineyard. It is great to see the growth of grapes and how they can be transformed, into something that you eat or drink isn’t it? If you have been on a winery tour what did you think of it? I have never been on a winery tour myself, but I do know what wine grapes look like.

I own a vineyard, which has wine and table grapes, not the kind you see in movies, however. Which means when the grapes are ready they have to be picked, But before they are picked you have to prune and tie them for the next year in order to get a grape crop. Yes, there is a lot of work when it comes to grapes, but it is beautiful to walk through it. In the summer when you walk through the vineyard, you are in the shade, and the crop smells beautiful. Depending on the year the grape clusters are huge or not so much, it’s a pretty picture.

Have you ever tried to walk through a vineyard just to go for a walk? Most people probably don’t get that luxury because they don’t live on a farm that has grapes right. Walking through a vineyard when it is in bloom, has its perks. If you like the smell of grapes you will like to be out there when they are ripe. Also picking them is not so hard either, as long as you know what is ripe and what isn’t. Now pruning them is a different story. That is not what I am talking about, though. I am talking about walking through a vineyard, yes you can walk through a vineyard at any time but the best time is in the summer when the grapes are ripe. Or at least there are leaves on the trees.

If you have ever walked through a vineyard what do you feel? Do you feel at peace, do you feel claustrophobic that type of thing. When I walk through the vineyard, which I have done many times I feel at peace because it is a sort of cocoon, where it is just you the sun and the birds. Sometimes a dog since my dog likes to run and keep up with me when I am out there. When I walk through the vineyard I try and let my mind go completely blank. Just listening to either my music or what is around me, so that I can relax Isn’t that what a field full of grapes is supposed to be? Relaxing? Maybe not to some people but to me I choose to believe that is.

If you are used to walking through a vineyard you find as though, the longer you walk and the more rows you go down you see the same thing over and over, but in a different light. This is because usually it is all covered in leaves, so the different shadows that play across the grass, will put a smile on your face and give you shade. Walking through a vineyard for me is relaxing because I can let my mind go and just be there with the plants. Not that I do it all the time, but when I do I really enjoy it. I even enjoy taking a run through the vineyard because that relaxes me, feeling the wind whip through my hair and the see the leaves and grapes zip past me as I run.

My Vineyard
My Vineyard

Vinyards are great to walk through

If you have ever walked through a vineyard you might have the same thoughts as me or different ones depending on the type of person you are, since we are all different. I enjoy walking through the vineyard because it calms me as I said if you need something to calm you why not try to do that. It might surprise you.

Walking through a vineyard or any farmland with trees is limitlessly relaxing when you look around and see the beauty of it. Listen to the birds and bugs buzzing that can sometimes be limitlessly calming. Sometimes even running through a vineyard can be calming as well, depending on the type of day you have had. Walking or running through a vineyard can give you a sense of limitless freedom. Which can help you with your thought process if you are having trouble thinking? I know not everyone can get to a vineyard to walk it when they are having a hard time thinking, but the same thing goes for just taking a walk.

I have a vineyard like I have mentioned above and I do take walks through it when I can't focus. It gives me a change of scenery, and with that, the ideas that were just not coming to me for whatever reason are coming to me now. Walking through a vineyard can give you limitless new perspective on life if you let your mind go and just focus on the fresh air.

Walking through a vineyard can give a sense of limitless freedom because you are outdoors. It can give you a sense of limitless freedom because the rows you are walking down are so long it feels as though they are limitless and go on for miles. It gives you a feeling of limitless relaxation where you can go anywhere do anything, and you aren't cooped up in one area like you would be if you stayed indoors all the time. It can also be a limitless sense of enclosed- ness if that is even a word and freedom. With vineyards being outside in the open air that is.

I always enjoy walking through my vineyard because I feel protected but free at the same time since I am outside.

Vinyards are Tranquil

Vineyards a limitlessly tranquil because they are very quiet, the only thing that you can really hear is the birds chirping or people talking if they are in the vineyard picking grapes but other than that it is quiet tranquil. If you are walking through them you will have limitless time to think because they are just so peaceful that you can let your mind go.

What do you think of this hub? Have you ever walked through a Vineyard what did you think of it?

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 23 months ago from Ontario

      thanks for the comment, the vineyard is nice in the summer.

    • word55 profile image

      Word 2 years ago from Chicago

      Hi louise, nice hub, that's a peaceful way to spend time. I have a small vineyard with various trees bearing fruit. I enjoy it every once in a while. My grapevine usually ripens in mid summer. I have blackberries, plums and the grapes. Some years, I plant various vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, greens, lettuce, squash and others. Yes, it is a job in tending to a garden and vineyard. At least you keep very healthy. Thanks for sharing!