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Walleye Fishing Tips

Updated on January 26, 2011

Its Easy to Catch Walleye

I grew up on a river that had a Walleye run every spring. I learned how to fish for Walleye at an early age from my grandfather, who knew the river better than anyone else I have ever talked to.

If you talk to fisherman on the river they will tell you all these different stories about how they catch their limit everyday blah blah blah. Sure I see them with fish when they are running. Almost anyone can catch fish when the river id full of them. It takes a little more knowledge and experience to catch Walleye after or before the big runs.

I like to drift fish, it gives me more opportunity to present more baits at different parts of the river. Normally I prefer a canoe over almost any other boat to drift with. A bunch of the fisherman like to give me crap about using a canoe. The simpler that you make it the more fun you are going to have. When we were kids we were making fishing poles with sticks and using hooks and line we found on snags. We still caught more fish than the average fisherman with all the so called modern equipment.

You have to know the place that you are fishing at. Its that simple. Know the lake or river. Some people might say that they know my river better than I do. Maybe you do ? Have you ever jumped in at my house and floated to town on the river? It takes 4 hrs. I have, Oh and I have done it probably 100 times as a kid. So you see I have an advantage over almost any fisherman.

I know every sand bar every drop off etc etc. Basically I know where the fish are. Because I have an intimate knowledge of the river. Catching Walleye is easy I present different color jigs along the sand bars. Using different jigging patterns. I watch the other fisherman because it really seems that the fish are hitting a certain color jig.

If you work the shore line in a systematic way you will normally catch fish. My grandfather always told us that if we had the correct attitude that we would succeed at what ever task was put before us. Hence fishing requires a special mind set.

These days you are probably not going to miss any meals if you don't catch your limit. My attitude tword fishing goes something like this. I enjoy being out doors and I enjoy fishing for any type of fish. It really doesn't matter if I catch a fish or not I am just thankful to be out on the water doing something that I enjoy.

Green Bay Wisconsin Walleye Fishing


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    Marcella Glenn 6 years ago from PA

    The non-fishing person could enjoy and learn from this hub.