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Washington Redskins The NFL Racists

Updated on August 30, 2009

Ok, our great legal system ruled that if the Washington Redskins were forced to change their name it would cause them "great economic loss" and that the Native American activists took too long to file the suite.Took to long to file the suite? Thats just plain crap on every level imaginable and apparently racism is okay as long as not being racist will result in you losing money? Makes a lot of sense right? Secondly, that is complete and utter bullshit, if anything the Redskins changing their name won't have any effect on their profits or will actually raise them because guess what the fans do when things change, THEY BUY MORE MERCHANDISE! Its really not a hard concept to grasp, I mean come on even Nascar has figured that one out, why do you think they are changing the cars paint jobs every other week, its so the fans will go out and buy more crap.

I've heard so many people try to spin this off by saying that they wouldn't care if they were called the Washington Honkey's, oh really, what exactly do you think would happen if there were teams named like this, Washington Wetbacks, Portland Porchmonkeys, Cincinnati Chinks, Cleveland Camel Jockeys. ARE YOU SERIOUS? If this were a racial slur used against anybody other than Native Americans Washington would be boycotted into submission and massacred by the media on a daily basis until the name was changed. However because there are so few Native Americans its okay for the entire united states legal system to spit in their faces........yet again.

The Images Here Are Very Offensive To All Races But The Video Is Educational

Go to any online dictionary and put in redskin, this is what you'll get redskin-Noun - Often Used For Disparaging Native Americans. Redskin doesn't refer to a Native Americans war paint or any other bullshit these people try to spin it as, if you call a Native American a Redskin that is a fighting word just like any other racial slur is. We wouldn't allow this to happen anybody else so why are we allowing it to happen to them?

It truly wouldn't be that hard at all for Daniel Snyder to admit that yes the name is racist and yes it needs to be changed. Another team in Washington already did it and Redskin is far more offensive than "Bullets" are any day. Snyder could even spin it into a positive and actually have the support of the native American people if he would just work with them on a new name and logo, the team could even keep the same colors. However that isn't good enough, Snyder is dead set on shitting on an entire culture just for the sake of what he thinks will save him a few bucks.


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