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Washington Wizards Career Point Scoring Leaders

Updated on February 17, 2010

Elvin Hayes

Wes Unseld

The Wizards have been around since 1962, but in various incarnations of the current NBA franchise.  In 1962 they were the Chicago Packers, and in 1963 the Chicago Zephyrs.  Then they moved to Baltimore, where they were the Baltimore Bullets from 1964 to 1973, the Capital Bullets in 1974, and the Washington Bullets from 1975 to 1997.  The Washington Bullets had one championship, the franchise’s only one, in 1978.  Then in 1997, they changed their name to the Wizards, which they remain as today.  The Wizards/Bullets/etc. have put some great players on the court, and here is a short list of the team’s all-time leading scorers to date:

Elvin Hayes (15,551)—Forward/center Elvin Hayes played for the Bullets from 1972 in Baltimore, through 1981 in Washington, and he is the franchise’s all-time leading scorer with 15,551 points.  Hayes had some of his best years with the Rockets, including one in which he led the NBA in scoring in 1968-69.  But he did have his best season with the Bullets in 1976-77, when Hayes scored 1942 points (24 per game). 

Jeff Malone (11,083)—Guard Jeff Malone played for the Bullets from 1983 to 1990, and he ranks second in team history with 11,083 total points.  Malone had his five best seasons with Washington, including his best season of 1989-90, when he scored a career best 1820 points (24 points per game). 

Wes Unseld (10,624)—Center/forward Wes Unseld played his entire career for the Bullets, from 1968 in Baltimore through 1981 with Washington.  Unseld ranks third in Bullets’ history with 10,624 points, and his best campaign was with Baltimore in 1969-70.  That year, Unseld put in a career high 1325 points (16 per game). 

Kevin Loughery (9833)—Guard Kevin Loughery played for the Baltimore Bullets for most of his career, from 1963 to 1972.  Loughery ranks fourth in franchise history with 9833 total points, and his best season by far was 1968-69, when he scored 1806 points (23 points per game). 

Gus Johnson (9781)—Forward/center Gus Johnson played for Baltimore from 1963 to 1972, and he ranks fifth in the team’s history with 9781 points scored.  Johnson’s best season was 1966-67, when he scored a career high 1511 points (21 per game).


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