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Watch Hockey Games Online | Get Your Winter Fix

Updated on August 4, 2012

If you’re like me and love to get behind your Hockey team (Van City) you know you can see every game they play. One of the best ways to overcome this and see games not on TV is to watch hockey games online live. Now it’s easy enough to hook up either your tablet or laptop to your TV so you can stream directly on to your big screen with no problem. This will make sure you get to watch all the hockey you can and have time for. With all the online sites there is tonnes of hockey games you can watch so if you support maybe a team in the eastern and western division you’ll always be able to watch them.

There are free and paid online sources for your hockey fix. I’ll start with the reputable paid sources first:

NHL Center Ice Live: Get access to DVR functionality for each and every game. Post-game highlights and in game playback. You can even rewind for your own “that was a bad call ref” moments you can watch on your tablet if you’re not at home. There’s a lot of features offered that really make the service worthwhile. : This is a great site for Canadians as you get a great archive of past games and highlights plus live online hockey games. The Hockey games are those related to the ones that CBC is licensed o show so you don’t get to see every game possible. That would be the only draw back but if your team is a Canadian team then CBC is one of the better sites to watch.

There are also other free online sites where you can watch hockey but they may not have the selection and quality of feeds as the two above. You may also be required to do surveys and other info submits to get access to their feeds. It just depends on how badly do you want to watch your hockey team online. If you’re a die hard fan I would recommend’s Center ice but if you’re a causal viewer maybe it’s best if you just wait for the highlights to come on TSN later in the evening.

Watch Hockey Games Online
Watch Hockey Games Online | Source


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