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Watch Stephen Curry NBA Highlights HD and Top Plays

Updated on April 1, 2016

Stephen Curry is doing Stephen Curry things again! Stephen Curry does it again! This crazy brilliant skilled NBA best player after Michael Jorden and Kobe Bryant sparks NBA and surpasses your imagination with his high-scored three-point shot. He knocked down his first 300 3-pointers in just 2 minutes making himself the first NBA player to make 300 3-pointer in one season. Stephen Curry embraces a shot other superstars avoid, making it an event that he is the only player in the last seasons to make 3 half-courts shots in a season. Want to view, review or collect Stephen Curry NBA HD highlights? A compatible video music downloader is provided here to help you freedownload Stephen Curry NBA highlights HD videos and top move of his career.

Stephen Curry, the three-time NBA All-Star from GSW (Golden State Warriors), shines brightly in 2015 2016 and keeps himself stonger and stronger in NBA competition. He is the NBA's agent of change, namely, he has changed the rule of NBA.

* Stephen's record setting 3-point shot from 48 feet away!
* Stephen's game winning half-court 3-point shot!
* Stephen Curry doesn't have to look at the basket to nail the shot!

You may think he is unsportsmanlike but Stephen Curry is truly a whole different monster who helps Warriors win with his 3-pointer and half-court heaves.

Stephen Curry 3 point style is kind of a crazy and unbelievable thing to NBA players and coaches as it is quite new, but it truly redefines basketball and improves NBA. Curious about how Stephen Curry throws his 3-point shot? Wondering about how Stephen Curry makes his half-court heaves? Videos like Stephen Curry Top 10 3-point shooting plays and Stephen Curry Top 5 Half-court shots from YouTube will blind your eyes, and you can download these Stephen Curry highlights HD top moves with 5KPlayer to figure them out and get your Stephen Curry 3 point style. For you Stephen Curry fans with different purposes like learning Stephen Curry 3 point skills from Stephen Curry video and just being infatuated with Stephen Curry's charming performances, you can rely on 5KPlayer to get all Stephen Curry NBA videos from 300+ online sites including YouTube, Vuclip, Vevo, Vimeo, etc.

The NBA regular season 2015-16 is going on and Stephen Curry will continue his legendary till Apr 13, you can focus on the schedule on the Golden State ( to view the competion alive. Or if there is no enough time for you to catch all details, you can download Stephen Curry video to review after the game with 5KPlayer.

Warriors Stephen Curry March Games Preview in NBA Season 2015-16

Golden State Warriors vs.Minnesota Timberwolves (Monday Mar 21 5PM)

Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Clippers (Wednesday Mar 23 7:30PM)

Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks (Friday Mar 15 7:30PM)

Golden State Warriors vs.Philadelphia 76ers (Sunday Mar 27 5PM)

Golden State Warriors vs. Washington Wizards (Tuesday Mar 29 7:30PM)
Tuesday Mar 29 7:30PM

Golden State Warriors vs. Utah Jazz (Wednesday Mar 30 6PM)

Here is a List of Stephen Curry Top Move in NBA Season 2015-16

1. March 8, 2015: Stephen Curry blows Steve Kerr’s mind with roundabout three
2. April 2, 2015: Stephen Curry invites young fan who mimicked his moves
3. April 23, 2015: Stephen Curry forces overtime with crazy corner three VS Pelicans
4. May 23, 2015: Stephen Curry clears out Toyota Center with 40-point night
5. June 14, 2015: Stephen Curry shakes Matthew Dellavedova in Finals
6. June 16, 2015: Stephen Curry claims first championship
7. Oct 31, 2015: Stephen Curry drops 53 points on Pelicans
8. Jan 22, 2016: Stephen Curry shines as Warriors beat Pacers 122-110
9. Feb 25, 2016: Stephen Curry scores 51 points in win over Magic
10. Mar 13, 2016: Stephen scores 35 helping Warriors beat the Phonenix Suns

Stephen Curry NBA Career Highlights:

● NBA champion: 2015
● NBA Most Valuable Player: 2015
● Three-time NBA All-Star: 2014, 2015, 2016
● All-NBA First Team: 2015
● All-NBA Second Team: 2014
● 3X NBA three-point field goals leaders: 2013, 2014, 2015
● 2X NBA free-throw percentage leader: 2011, 2015
● NBA Skills Challenge champion: 2011
● NBA regular season record for made three-pointers (318)
● NBA record for most consecutive games with a made three-pointer (135)
● NBA record for most three-pointers made in a game (12-tied with Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall)
● Warriors franchise leader in three-point field goals made
● Warriors franchise record for most three-pointers made in a game



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