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Watch Tennis For Free Legally and See More Tennis With ESPNWatch Subscription

Updated on January 19, 2016

Watch More Tennis for Free and Legally

If you or someone close to you is a tennis lover, you will be happy to know that there is a lot of tennis that is available to you on-line for free or included with your existing TV subscription. For instance, during Wimbledon, you can watch hours and hours of tennis for free through the Wimbledon website or app. Even in between Wimbledons, there is still content available on the website their website (see below or do a Google Search). For example, right now you can watch what may be the greatest game ever between Roger Federer and Andy Murray on July 13th, 2015 - over 15 minutes of coverage! Full matches are available on the internet although most of the need to be streamed live and/or you will need a subscription to view them.

This hub will let you know what's available to you and how you can find it easily. It is organized by how you can get to the content and what you need to get it. There are a lot of clips, interviews, and history (and much more!) available but I will concentrate on how to watch live or recorded full matches.

Free Tennis Available on the Major Tournament Websites/Apps

I've already mentioned Wimbledon and how you can watch live tennis as it happens during the tournament. Let's start with the four majors. You can do an internet search to easily find the website for the tournament you are looking for. With traditional TV subscriptions, there are only so many channels available. Websites and apps can provide a lot more matches since they are not limited by channels available.

Typically, full matches are only available live on the websites/apps. For the US Open, for example, several different courts were streaming matches live simultaneously during the day. One channel showed three courts at the same time or, during the big matches, showed three different camera angles for the same match. I really enjoy watching matches during the first week of a tournament because you can watch a lot of players that are up and coming and your favorite players' matches. On regular TV, you can usually just watch the later matches in the tournament so you will miss a lot of great tennis.

Not all of the majors have the same amount of live tennis matches available. A lot of the early matches just show the video stream without announcers calling the action. If a match is televised on a major channel such as ESPN or ESPN2, it won't be available on the website. You might find an audio only broadcast in case you don't have the television broadcast available to you.

I have a laptop with an HDMI port connected to my TV so that I can watch the action on the big screen. A handy little gadget is a USB mini-keyboard so that you can sit in your easy chair and still control your laptop. I use a Rii Mini 2.4G Wireless Backlight Keyboard with Mouse Touchpad Laser Pointer for Win/Mac/Android/TV/Xbox/PS3. It's very easy to use the touchpad, click, and enter text.

All of the four major tournaments have an app available so you can take the action with you while you are out and about or when you are not able to watch on your laptop or TV. I can carry around my smartphone and still listen to a match while I am doing something else in the house, for example.

Don't forget to check out YouTube for full length matches from the four majors and other tournaments as well.

Australian Open

You can get to the Australian Open portal at From there, you navigate to that year's open website, such as AO2016. Live video of matches is available during play and there are lots of video shorts available on the action. The tournament happens over two weeks in the last part of January/early February.

Roland-Garros - The French Open

Visit the French Open at I don't recall finding live matches on the website but you can follow the action and see the statistics kept. The tournament runs from the end of May to the beginning of June.


Wimbledon is considered by many to be the premier tennis tournament. It can be found at Live video and audio matches are available on the website and the app. The tournament is held from late June through early July.

US Open

The last of the four major tournaments occurs yearly in Flushing Meadows New York. The site resides at Live video and audio matches are streamed on the website and the app. The US Open occurs in late August through early September.

Free Tennis on Tennis Channel Everywhere

Although Tennis Channel Everywhere is primarily a subscription site, there is also free tennis highlights and free full-length matches available. Matches change over time so check to see if anything new is available (check during a tournament especially). There is an app available and the site is located at If you subscribe to the Tennis Channel through your TV subscription, then you can watch matches that are streamed and included in your subscription. Tennis Channel Plus is subscription-based and has additional matches not available on the Tennis Channel. The FAQ explains the details and lists compatible devices, like Roku.

As of the time of this writing (11/16/15), the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Finals in Singapore is available for free. It is a full-length match between Garbine Muguruza and Lucie Safarova. Both players are top women's seeds. This match is a free preview of the Tennis Channel Plus and was listed in the Featured part of my Roku Tennis Channel Everywhere channel.

In the On Demand part of Tennis Channel Everywhere, is a part called Free On Demand. There are mostly highlights of matches available but sometimes you may find a full-length match.

Who is Your Favorite Men's Tennis Player?

Vote For Your Favorite Men't Tennis Player - if I should add someone else, ask in comments

See results

Free Tennis on TV and NBC Sports Live Extra

All you need is an antenna and an HDTV box/TV to watch your local channels for free. Check your local listings during the four major tennis tournaments to see what you can find for free.

NBC has an agreement with the French Open and matches are shown live on their NBC Sports Live Extra website or their app. Their app is available on Roku, for example, and there is a Live & Upcoming, Full Event Replay section as well as a Tennis section available. You may need a TV subscription to access some content.

ESPN and ABC are owned by the same parent company so you may be able to catch same day Wimbledon finals action for the men and ladies on ABC.

WatchESPN Tennis Included With Your TV Subscription

What you may not realize is how much tennis is available on WatchESPN. You can access WatchESPN via the website or an app on your smart phone or tablet or device like Roku. You will need to validate your TV subscription but you may find that you have ESPN3 included with your subscription even if you don't have ESPN itself.

ESPN has agreements with many tennis tournaments giving you a chance to watch tennis all year long! Thirty days of replays are typically available and even if you cannot watch ESPN or ESPN2 on your TV, you may be able to watch tons of tennis via ESPN3. For example, this year, almost every week 1 US Open tennis match was available via ESPN3. It was awesome and inspired me to write this hub because I just stumbled across all this extra tennis more or less by accident. ESPN has agreements with the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open, ATP World Tour Finals, ATP World Tour Masters 1000, ATP World Tour 500, WTA Tour, WTA Tour Championships, US Open Series, and World Team Tennis. Tons of Australian Open tennis are available with just an ESPN3 subscription.

WatchESPN has much more than tennis available but check out the Tennis part when browsing by Sport or ESPN3 when browsing by channel for loads of tennis. After validating with your provider on the Roku app, you can search by Sport (selecting Tennis) and it will pull up all of the Live and Upcoming matches as well as full-length Replays. On the date of this writing, 51 full length replays were available (about a dozen were repeats in Spanish).

On the WatchESPN website, after validating, you can search on ESPN3 or if you have all the channels, just click on Watch Now. Like the app, there are full length matches available in Live Now, Upcoming, and Replay. You can filter by Sports and Shows so select Tennis to see just Tennis. You can also filter for just the last 7 days (default), Today, 2 weeks, or 30 days. Remember that only 30 days of content is available at any one time so don't get too far behind if you plan to watch a lot of matches.

Watch Tennis on Roku

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player (2014 model)
Roku 3 Streaming Media Player (2014 model)

This is the second Roku I have owned and love it. You can click and find your tennis match quickly and the picture/sound quality is better than my HDMI laptop. Even though I have a Smart TV and connected Laptop, I use this 95% of the time for streaming because it's awesome.


Hope You Have Enjoyed Finding More Free and Already Included Tennis to Watch Legally!

Take some time and explore what's really available for you for free or already included in a TV subscription that you have. It's fun to follow your favorite players at tournaments and be able to watch them play. You can watch tons of tennis at major tournament websites and their apps and keep up on all the latest action. You can also take advantage of Tennis Channel Everywhere, NBC Sports Live Extra, YouTube, and WatchESPN and stream gobs of tennis onto your smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV (via HDMI for example).

Enjoy! Let me know in the comments if you have any other information to share.

2015 US Open Highlights


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