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Why waterproof backpacks? - They're great for many things.

Updated on May 23, 2011

Loaded shoulders

Reminds me of my college days!
Reminds me of my college days!

Many Uses For Waterproof Backpacks

Being able to keep your stuff dry as you travel or enjoy whatever activities catch your interest can be a valuable commodity. We use backpacks for many reasons, some very important and some just casually. The variety of things we keep in our backpacks is wide and varied. Still, no matter what is in there the thought of it getting wet usually worries most of us. 

But How is it waterproof?

For this reason backpack makers have found ways to keep water and moisture out of backpacks through new innovations in materials and backpack design/layout. I should make note firstly that most backpacks are not completely waterproof. There are so many seams, pockets, zippers, pouches, etc that making it completely waterproof would be very difficult. So instead of trying to make the whole thing waterproof, only certain key areas are. For example zippers are sealed up, and pouches are made with single piece sections to avoid seams. An easier way to protect a backpack is, instead of trying to seal up all the zippers, seams and pockets, is to include a single waterproof cover that can be draped over the whole pack thus protecting it. Many backpacks come with this option.

Are they fashionable?

The beauty of backpacks is that they coincide with most fashion ideals. Designs, colors, layouts, styles, and even themes are all given a flavor of variety to accommodate your likes and interests. Maybe you have need of only a few pockets and storage areas. Perhaps red is more favorable than black. Do you fancy a shoulder slung pack, or a more traditional backpack? Feel like representing your favorite sports team while you run around? All these are possibilities. So shop around and see what's available.

Who? When? Where can waterproof backpacks be used?

School! Work! ...and everything that goes with it.

Rain or shine, when school calls or work beckons us we had better go. When the weather isn't so agreeable and the distance is great then there needs to be a way to keep our papers dry.

Some things not so great at keeping your stuff dry:

  1. An umbrella: It only covers so much and is very unpredictable on windy days.
  2. Rain clothes: Sure they cover us but unless I'm wrong most are not cut or sized to cover a backpack too.
  3. A normal backpack: A slight mist, a morning fog; these are fine for a normal backpack. But what about everything else? The heavy rainy type?

Some things that are not good friends with water:

  1. Books and paper: The dog ate my homework, or the rain washed it out. Either way it's probably not going to be acceptable.
  2. Electronics, laptops, tablets, and other toys: Yes that important business contract was on your laptop; keyword was. Yes water also got into it and now it's dead.

What's the solution?

A waterproof backpack! They are designed with specific pouches for laptops, mp3 players, drink holders, and spaces for books and pencils. The important sections are sealed off to keep water out and other sections may have covers to keep water out.

Hiking backpacks!

How are hiking waterproof backpacks different?

  1. Rugged - Meant for outdoors
  2. Usually bigger
  3. Different designs

An ordinary backpack would work fine for a quick hike, but for extended several mile long hikes, day trips, or extended multi-day trips a more sturdy design is necessary. Plus a backpack meant for long trips will have more comfort.

So why do I need to be waterproof outdoors?

When outdoors we are quite likely to run into adverse weather conditions. A nasty rain can quickly ruin things. If the plan called for an extensive camping trip, then being caught in a rain and having the stuff in the backpack get soaked would get most people frustrated.

Your consideration now could save you later

So consider what you plan to do then choose a backpack accordingly. Consider the waterproof nature of the pack. How open or exposed are the pockets and storage areas? What does the manufacturer say about it? If it is not as protected as you'd like there is no real need to worry. You have options in waterproof covers that you can drape over the backpack, or even consider a waterproof back to put it in.


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