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Wax a Snowboard

Updated on October 21, 2009


Before starting you are going to need a few things. A Iron, with or without holes just dont plan on using it for clothes ever again. Wax and a wax scraper which can be found at your local ski/snowboard shop. And if desired you can pick up some base cleaner as well. Cleaning with base cleaner is optional and a matter of preference.

Spray on a good amount of base cleaner in a well ventillated area. Use a good amount as you do not need to do this everytime you wax.

Rub the cleaner in with a spunge or cloth and let sit until dry

Heat up the iron and touch the wax to the base of the iron causing the wax to drip onto the base of your board. Make 'S' shaped patterns with the droplets from tip to tail of your board. If you are new to this a good rule of thumb is that f you see smoke the iron is to hot, but when you become more experienced a little smoke is ok, dont breath it in though!

Next place the iron on the board causing the droplets to melt and cover the entire base of your board with a thin layer of wax. Imagine your ironing a shirt, for example constantly moving the iron as to not burn your base. Feel your topsheet, you want it to be warm to the touch when you are done. If your topsheet is hot stop ironing. You can use as much wax as you like, the more you use the better coverage you will get. However if you use a lot of wax it will take a lot longer to scrape your board after.

The next step is to scrape your board. Hold on to the scraper in both hands with your thumbs pointing together touch the scraper to the base of the board. Then firmly push the scraper away from you repeatedly until shreds of wax stop appearing. This means you have removed all excess wax

After removing all the excess wax you can buff your board with a cloth or texture brush. Texture brushes work exceptionally well and will give your board that shiny glow.


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