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Wayne Rooney Having a vacation

Updated on November 13, 2010

Wayne Rooney has only made six appearances and has scored only once for Manchester United this season of 2010-2011. After his worst performance in this years World Cup in South Africa, his football has not improved even in the English league. Sir Alex Ferguson is not happy with Rooney's performances but he still has faith in Rooney and hopes that Rooney will snap out of his misery. 

Manchester United lies third in the Premiership league just behind Arsenal and Chelsea. Although, United has not been defeated in the league, they have not been playing top flight football they cannot seem to find a win. Just only two months into the league, Wayne Rooney was having problems on and off the football pitch. Rooney's private personal life was the center of media within the start of the English League and since then has been effecting his performance. The other problem with Rooney was that he was having injuries. Therefore, Ferguson had limited his playing time in order for a recovery. 

Rooney had sustained the ankle injury during the first leg in the Champions League Semi-finals in April against Bayern Munich in Germany. However, still managed to play in the second leg only to see his team missing out of the Champions League finals. However, with limited time of recovery on his ankle problem, Wayne Rooney still played in the World Cup 2010. Even though Wayne Rooney looked 100 percent fit in the World Cup he could not score for England. And since then, Rooney cannot find the net for Man. United. He has not done much this start of the season and he looks very disappointing not only for Man. United but for England has well. He seems to be struggling every time he plays and everyone knows he can do much better, but right now he is not the player that he was.

In fact, Sir Alex Ferguson has limited his playing time in order for Wayne Rooney to recovery from his ankle injury. Rooney falls out of favor and taking his place is Mexican striker, Javier Hernandez, who is having a great first season for his new club. Even Fabio Cappelo has warned Rooney to find his rhythm or he will never pick Rooney to play for England. Then the unthinkable happened, Wayne Rooney had announced that he wants to leave Manchester United. What was his reason, he needed to play for a team that could win trophies and Manchester United was not the team for him anymore. Man. United manager, Ferguson was not so happy with Rooney's decision to leave. Although he is not playing a lot this season due to injury, there is no reason why Rooney should want to leave at the very start of the English season. So, the Manchester United staff held a meeting with Wayne Rooney and his representatives to discuss his future at the team. 

Every expected him to leave, but decided that he would stay and ended up signing a new five year contract for Manchester United and he will be earning a surprising wage up too 180,000 pounds a week. Not bad for a 25 year old. Wayne Rooney states that the manager and the Manchester United staff had convinced him that United was a perfect team for him to play his football career and that the more he plays for Man. United the more trophies he will win. Since the Wayne Rooney saga has ended, Rooney's ankle injury still remains a major problem. 

With Wayne Rooney's injury getting serious, he might be out for three to four weeks. But just days before Man. United played against WBA for the English League, Rooney was reported was out of the country and was located in the UAE for the weekend. He did not go for a check up for his ankle, but he went there for a small vacation probably to celebrate his 25th birthday. Now that his getaway has finished, Man. United has reported that Rooney's ankle seems to not recover and United has given Rooney a longer lay to rest his ankles before he comes back to action.

Wayne Rooney has been the center of media from the very start of the World Cup campaign until his request to leave Manchester United until his new five year contract until his serious ankle injury. Rooney cannot catch a break. Whether its he is having a personal problem or just having injury problems, Rooney is just first page material. He is injured right now, but as a player of Rooney status there is no rest for him. He does train with his team and teammates, he has to get better and he has to play and help Man.United get back into winning ways because Wayne Rooney is angry for trophies.  


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    • villanueva21 profile image

      John Villa 7 years ago from Greece

      As a Manchester United fan im a great fan of Wayne Rooney. Although, he is from Liverpool but he does show a lot of love in Manchester. It would have broke my heart if Rooney left, but Im happy that he signed five more years.

    • Meredith Clarke profile image

      Meredith Clarke 7 years ago from USA

      Nice article from a MUFC fan but Rooney - even if he's a striker should learn to be a team player to win. Football/soccer is a team sport, 100%. Witness Giggs - one of the best ever on their pitch.