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Ways To Gain Muscle Mass

Updated on December 29, 2014

Gaining Muscle Mass

Finding ways to gain muscle mass is the primary goal of most weight trainers and bodybuilders. Even people who just lift sometimes are looking to increase muscle size. The problem is that most of the bodybuilding books and magazines that you come across are trying to sell you the latest miracle supplement that promises overnight muscle gains. Many of the routines that you find in these publications are professional bodybuilding routines that will cause you to burn away more muscle tissue than you build if you're not taking steroids. Most of us just need to keep it simple to gain more muscle mass. If you follow the guidelines shown here, you'll be successful at building the muscle size you want.

Learning Proper Lifting Form

The first thing you must do when you're trying to find ways to gain muscle mass is to learn proper form on all of the major weight training exercises. If you perform your exercises with poor form you won't be targeting your muscles as well and you'll be much more likely to get injured. Hire a personal trainer, buy a book or magazine or check for online videos to learn how to properly perform all of the major weight training exercises for every muscle group. Online videos are the most cost effective way of learning proper exercise form if you are on a budget.

Proper Squat Form

Setting Up A Weight Training Routine To Gain Muscle Mass

One thing you need to do when you're trying to find ways to gain muscle mass is to set up a weight training routine and follow it consistently. At first you may want to train your whole body during every workout with just a few exercises and sets done for each muscle group. This will give you a chance to learn proper exercise form and see how much weight you can handle. Before long you'll feel the need to do more exercises and sets for each muscle. This is when you should split up your weight training routine.

Splitting up your weight training routine 3 ways is one of the best ways to gain muscle mass. When you want to go on a 3 way split routine you should try a "push/pull" routine. A push-pull weight training routine will have you training the upper body muscles that push weight away from you together, the upper body muscles that pull weight towards you together, and the legs by themselves. This is how a push-pull routine looks: workout 1 - chest, shoulders, and triceps; workout 2 back and biceps; and workout 3 - quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. Do some abdominal training during every other workout. Following this routine will allow each muscle to be trained hard and get plenty of recovery time. You can do extra cardio during the off days to burn more calories and body fat.

Training With High Intensity To Gain Muscle Mass

Once you've learned proper exercise form and have set up a routine you'll be well on your way to gaining muscle mass. However, if you always use the same weight for the same amount of reps and never challenge yourself when you weight train you won't get continual gains. Because of this, one of the best ways to gain muscle mass is to train with high intensity. Always try to get one more rep or to use more weight. Over time, these small size and strength gains will add up.

There are many great techniques to increase the intensity of your workouts. One of the simplest is to decrease the amount of time you rest between sets. You can also perform drop sets where you go to failure on a set, then quickly decrease the weight and continue lifting until you hit failure again.

Eating To Build More Muscle

If you want to get big you will need to eat big. This is particularly true of you are a naturally skinny guy. Consuming more calories, especially in the form of protein, will lead to muscle gains. If you tend to hold extra weight, you won't need to eat as much, but will still want to get good, nutritious calories in.

Boosting Testosterone To Gain Muscle Mass

Boosting your natural testosterone levels is without a doubt one of the best ways to gain muscle mass. Performing compound exercises with heavy weights will give you the biggest boost in testosterone. The best exercises for doing this are squats, deadlifts, bench presses, pull-ups, rows, and military presses. Competitive weightlifting exercises such as power cleans and clean and presses are also excellent testosterone boosters.


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      Fitness Strength Training 7 years ago

      I suppose it comes down to getting back to basics, when it comes to training. The problem lies with our "instant gratification" culture that seems to prevail!