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Ways to Attract Deer While Hunting

Updated on January 11, 2011

Attracting Deer

 We all wait all summer long for deer season to roll around again. We know, that when the weather starts turning cool and the days get shorter it's time to go hunt some deer. Some of us hunt with bow and arrows while some of us use shotguns. It doesn't matter what your weapon of choice is, you still need that monster buck to walk within range. The best time to fool a monster buck is while they are rutting. For those of you who are new to hunting, that is when the deer are breeding. I know, you're thinking a male chasing a female is less attentive to what's going on around him! Impossible! All kidding aside, this is the best time to nail that big trophy because when they are actually paying attention, they'll bust most of us way before we even have a shot. So I'm going to go over a few items you may want to take to the woods with you to help lure that monster buck in while he's out looking for a nice doe.

Rattle Them In

When bucks are establishing their dominance of an area, they fight. That's what those big horns, for which you are looking, are actually doing there. So, you can trick them into thinking a fight is going on by rattling them in. You can use real antlers that you have found while horn hunting, synthetic horns, or a rattle bag. A rattle bag is a small bag with pieces of plastic rod like things inside that have little grooves in them. When you roll is around in your hands, it sounds just like the real antlers battling it out. I don't think there is enough difference in the sound for the deer to notice a difference, but everyone has their own preference. One word of warning is, if you use real antlers, be careful when on the ground because a big buck ready to throw down may come up on you and see nothing but those antlers. A friend of mine killed a 10 point last year in what he claims was self defense.

I use a Knight and Hale rattle bag and it works quite well. It's compact and lightweight so it's easy to carry in with you. The bag itself has held up pretty well over the last several years also. Personally I think it's the easiest most economical way to go.

Deer Urine

Ah, the wonderful aroma of doe urine. At least, that's what that big buck is thinking at least. Farmers raise deer just to collect their urine while they are in heat. They bottle it up and sell it to all the hunters out there looking for a little help. You can use this to lure that monster in if you'd like. Another tip is to put some right where you'd like him to end up for your shot. If you are hunting with a bow, you can try to put it in a spot where he can't see you as well when you're drawing back.  A handy way to go about all this is to use strips that you dip in the bottle and can hang from low hanging branches.

Grunting or Bleating

 Bucks and does make various vocal sounds. You can imitate these sounds to lure them in a bit closer as well. There is a wide variety of calls. You can find buck grunts, does calls, and bleats. The idea is to lure the buck into thinking there are some bucks figting over a doe, or there is a doe calling looking for a mate. You can do grunting in combination with rattling to make it sound like a monster buck WW 3 is going on. I haven't used a buck call, but I do use a bleat call. The one I use is like a small can that you turn upside down to make the noise. It's easier to use because you don't have to master the right blowing technique. It makes the sound it's supposed to. It's also pretty easy to carry in with you as well.

Rattling in Deer


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    • Wayne Orvisburg profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Wayne 

      8 years ago from Alabama

      Hope your trip paid off!

    • profile image

      Deer hunter#1 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for the tips bud! I'm going hunt'in soon, hope the tips will help.


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