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Week 10 Predictions for the 2014 NFL season

Updated on November 6, 2014

There were a few games that were entertaining and there were some that made you flip the channel. It happens. Some games you expect to go a certain way and it ends up being different (like the Pats-Broncos game). The NFC East is starting to get interesting now with Nick Foles out for possibly the remainder of the season. The AFC North as a whole as well as the low seeds in each conference will look to go through a week-to-week change. Should be fun. Good luck to your team.

Bye: Texans, Colts, Vikings, Patriots, Chargers, Redskins

Browns @ Bengals: The Battle for Ohio. This isn't the first time we've heard this or other variations but this is a pretty big game for both teams. The Browns are just outside of the playoff bracket while Cincinnati is leading the AFC North by a small margin (and is currently the 3rd seed). You could probably say that the Browns' victory over Tampa was too close for comfort. Well, their defense will be tested again when they go up against the Bengals' receivers (welcome back A.J. Green). Looking at stats, the Bengals' defense has been slipping a bit. This game should help them out.

Pick: Bengals

Chiefs @ Bills: Buffalo is in a similar situation as Cleveland. They are two spots behind in the playoffs while Kansas City, for right now, hold up the last spot. Both teams are 5-3 which should make for a good game. Both the Chiefs and the Bills are right next to each other in quarterback sacks. The Chiefs though have given up the fewest sacks compared to Buffalo. That won't be much of a concern because the cold weather will cause Kansas City to run the ball more. Buffalo allows 3.6 yards per carry and 92.3 rushing yards per game. With that, the Bills will be thankful for the Chiefs running the ball more.

Pick: Bills

Dolphins @ Lions: Well, hello Miami. After that loss to the Packers to start October, the Dolphins have won three in a row in an impressive defensive fashion. They've allowed an average of nine points in those three wins. Their counterparts in this game, Detroit, have also...well...won their last two games but you could say through luck. Still, this has the makings that it will be a fairly entertaining game. Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson, who were out for some games, should be be back and ready to go for this one and have a big impact.

Pick: Lions

Cowboys @ Jaguars: There was already drama with the Cowboys while they were flying across the Atlantic making the trip to London. You could probably point some of it out right when their game against Arizona ended regarding the status of Tony Romo. Most likely we will have to wait by game time again to see if Romo will start. The potential of losing three games in a row will give reason for the Cowboys to play better, regardless of who is starting at quarterback. Look for DeMarco Murray to get back on track. Jacksonville has allowed 123.4 rushing yards per game.

Pick: Cowboys

49ers @ Saints: The 4-4 Saints finally got a road win this season last Thursday against Carolina. They battle another 4-4 team in San Francisco who could have been above .500 if not for the supposed fumble by Colin Kaepernick. That's all up to interpretation if he did, or didn't, but now the 49ers have to move forward. They have some ground to make up in the playoff race let alone the division. Who would have thought that they would be in this position at this point of the season? Now the 49ers might get Aldon Smith for this game after serving a nine game suspension which will bring a sigh of relief. However, I don't think he will make that big an impact until the next game or two; that is when they will start to let all systems go and hope for the best.

Pick: Saints

Titans @ Ravens: After getting run out of the building on Sunday night, the Ravens will be back in the comfort of their own home. It is safe to say that Baltimore will take out that frustration on rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger, who will be making his third start of the season. At this moment, Baltimore is last in the division so it would be important for them to get a win before the bye week that follows. After that, they're going to have to get every win they can to make up some ground.

Pick: Ravens

Steelers @ Jets: It's interesting how far these two teams came from after facing each other in the AFC Championship game several years ago. They did play a close game last year but the Jets would be lucky if they kept it close again after how the Steelers have been steamrolling other teams the past couple of games.

Pick: Steelers

Falcons @ Buccaneers: Josh McCown is going back in for Tampa Bay. Maybe we'll see Mike Glennon again at some point later on. If you remember that Thursday night sleeper when these two teams met, Tampa Bay couldn't do anything against Atlanta. It was pretty sloppy also (eight turnovers total). With a change of scenery, expect the game to be closer but also expect a few turnovers as both of these teams has committed at least one per game. What shouldn't surprise you is Julio Jones having another big game against the Buccaneers. That in itself will be the difference.

Pick: Falcons

Broncos @ Raiders: After a string of close losses for Oakland the past four games, they face a Denver team who just got smoked last week. It certainly won't go well for the Raiders. Look for Peyton Manning to have better ball placement on the receivers hands so they don't get tipped and intercepted. Also look for the Broncos defense to play better overall.

Pick: Broncos

Rams @ Cardinals: Arizona is well aware of the Rams' surprising wins over the 49ers and Seahawks. Because they are well coached, I think Bruce Arians and the coaching staff will have this team prepared for anything that might be thrown at them so that they don't get surprised themselves. The Rams almost doubled their sack total all season (15 total) by getting to the quarterback seven times last week. It will be something to look at if they can get to Carson Palmer quickly and disrupt their potent passing offense.

Pick: Cardinals

Giants @ Seahawks: Will this be one of those games that Seattle looks over the Giants in a somewhat arrogant fashion only to have a let down and lose this game on their home field? They could lose this one in a close fashion, but I don't think they are overlooking this team after they saw Odell Beckham Jr. making those one handed catches during the pregame portion on Monday. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Anyway, after allowing their past two opponents to hang around late, I think this will be one of those games that Seattle starts to buckle down on defense and not allow anything to get passed them.

Pick: Seahawks

Bears @ Packers: If it wasn't for that missed kick by the Bengals against Carolina, Chicago would be right there in the playoff hunt. They still can get in, but their defense is going to have to stop somebody and Jay Cutler will have to stop throwing interceptions. Good luck going up against Aaron Rodgers. On Sunday Night.

Pick: Packers

Panthers @ Eagles: The Eagles continued control of the NFC East will be relied on by the arm of Mark Sanchez. He looked pretty comfortable throwing the ball last week, aside from the two interceptions. Now the Eagles will go up against Carolina who ,statistically compared to Houston, has allowed a higher completion percentage. They're also pretty close in passing touchdowns allowed. That stat was kind of useless, but expect Sanchez and the Eagles running backs to play well again.

Pick: Eagles

BONUS: LSU, Michigan St, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Auburn, and TCU will be victorious on Saturday.

Which game will you be looking forward to this week?

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