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Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

Updated on December 12, 2012

Week 14 NFL Power Ranks

We have a new king in town and it is a familiar face. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots embarrassed the previous top team, Houston, Monday night and have vaulted to the number one spot. Quite prestigious, no? The number two team, Atlanta, also lost opening the door for a nice shakeup at the top. Where does your team stand as the season winds down? Take a look and see.

1. New England Patriots (10-3) The Patriots offense seems unstoppable. New England has put up 472 points so far this season. That is an average of 36.3 points a game. The next highest point total in the league? Denver at 375. (Last Week's Ranking 3)

2. Houston Texans (11-2) Hard to believe the team with the best record in football most of the year might not win their division. All of a sudden this weekend's matchup with Indianapolis is huge. (LWR 1)

3. Atlanta Falcons (11-2) Their first round bye isn't really in jeopardy. The road loss to a Carolina team fueled by a masterful performance from Cam Newton is excusable. (LWR 2)

4. San Francisco 49ers (9-3-1) I can't believe how little the 49ers are using stud tight end Vernon Davis. He has become the bane of my fantasy team. He has three catches of fewer in eight of 13 games this year. (LWR 4)

5. Denver Broncos (10-3) Winners of eight straight Denver has some serious Super Bowl aspirations. They still have an outside shot at a first round bye but need Houston or New England to lose a game or two. (LWR 6)

6. Green Bay Packers (9-4) With a win Sunday against Chicago the Packers can clinch the NFC North for the second straight year. I say they do. (LWR 7)

7. Indianapolis Colts (9-4) The Colts are one win away from clinching a playoff spot a year after finishing with the worst record in the league. That should garner Andrew Luck some MVP consideration. (LWR 9)

8. Baltimore Ravens (9-4) I can't understand how the Ravens could fire offensive coordination Cam Cameron with only three games left in the season. This team should be playoff bound and a new coordinator is a risky play at this point in the year. (LWR 5)

9. Seattle Seahawks (8-5) Seattle won 58-0 against the Arizona Cardinals. Seriously. 58-0. (LWR 10)

10. New York Giants (8-5) I thought the Giants would lose to the Packers. They won handily. I thought the Giants would lose to the New Orleans Saints. They won handily. I think they will lose in Atlanta. Third time's a charm? (LWR 11)

11. Chicago Bears (8-5) If they don't figure something out quick they might miss the playoffs. They were my Super Bowl pick. Whoops. (LWR 8)

12. Washington Redskins (7-6) This comes with an asterisk. If Robert Griffin III is not able to play the Skins are not rated this high. (LWR 14)

13. Dallas Cowboys (7-6) They followed the Kansas City Chiefs lead in winning an emotional game after the tragedy that took a teammates life. (LWR 16)

14. Cincinnati Bengals (7-6) A last second loss to Dallas is followed by a trip to Philly on a short week. Do I smell trap game? Yes, yes I do. (LWR 12)

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-7) The last second loss to Philly probably ends Tampa's playoff hopes. Take that Charlie. (LWR 13)

16. Minnesota Vikings (7-6) The Vikings are 6-1 at home and and 1-5 on the road. If they sneak into the playoffs they would more than likely open up on the road. That could be a problem. (LWR 17)

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6) They followed up a big road win in Baltimore to a bad home loss to San Diego. These Steelers are like Jekyll and Hyde. (LWR 15)

18. St. Louis Rams (6-6-1) The Rams are two wins away from their first winning season since 2003. (LWR 19)

19. Cleveland Browns (5-8) The Browns have a chance at a four game winning streak when they take on Washington this weekend. If RGIII does sit I think they get it. (LWR 23)

20. New Orleans Saints (5-8) The players implicated in Bountygate have been exonerated by Paul Tagliabue. That is the biggest win for the Saints in a forgettable season. (LWR 18)

21. New York Jets (6-7) I am disgusted that the Jets still have a shot at the playoffs. I am more disgusted at the stinker of a game we have Monday night as the Jets play Tennessee. (LWR 24)

22. Buffalo Bills (5-8) The Bills continue to lose games they should win. Case in point a home game in December against the Rams. (LWR 20)

23. Miami Dolphins (5-8) Miami played tough on the road in San Francisco last week. Too bad you don't get points for playing tough. (LWR 21)

24. San Diego Chargers (5-8) San Diego picked up its first ever regular season win in Pittsburgh over the weekend. Count me among the people who did not see that happening. (LWR 25)

25. Detroit Lions (4-9) I didn't think the Lions would return to the playoffs this year but I thought an 8-8 or 9-7 season was attainable. Just another thing I was wrong about. (LWR 22)

26. Carolina Panthers (4-9) Boy, that hiccup in KC looks bad sandwiched between dominating wins against Philly and Atlanta. (LWR 29)

27. Tennessee Titans (4-9) It is a battle of the coaching hot seats Monday night as the Titans square off against the Jets. Does the winner keep his job? Eh, maybe. (LWR 26)

28. Philadelphia Eagles (4-9) There. They did it. They won a game. Let's see if the adrenaline from the nail-biter carries over to a Thursday night matchup against Cincy. (LWR 30)

29. Oakland Raiders (3-10) I thought the Raiders were going to be a lot better with a full year of Carson Palmer taking the snaps. Turns out they may have been better off keeping Jason Campbell. (LWR 28)

30. Arizona Cardinals (4-9) They lost 58-0 to extend their losing streak to nine games. Nine. They started 4-0. That blows my mind. Poor Larry Fitzgerald. (LWR 27)

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11) Someone named Montell Owens is the starting running back for Jacksonville. Seriously. Look it up. (LWR 31)

32. Kansas City Chiefs (2-11) This week in Oakland is the Chiefs best chance at winning a game within the conference this year. (LWR 32)


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