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Week 15 MLB Power Rankings

Updated on July 9, 2012

Week 15 Power Ranks

Well we have reached the All-Star break. As I am writing this the Home Run Derby (who I think Jose Bautista will win) is set to kick off. Will that have an effect on any of the players second half performances as it has done in some years past? Let's hope not. And just a little note there will not be a power rankings next week as there will be no baseball until Friday. No point in doing another rankings list after three games. But enough about next week. Let's take a look at where I see your favorite team today.

1. Texas Rangers (52-34) They may not have had the best week (2-4) leading up to the break but they retain the top spot in my rankings again. Narrowly, again. They will need more out of Roy Oswalt, however, as he has given up 40 hits in only 23 innings and has an ERA of 6.26. (Last Week's Ranking 1)

2. New York Yankees (52-33) By the narrowest of margins the Yankees wind up in the second spot in my rankings again despite being percentage points better than the Rangers. These two teams could be ranked either way really and you wouldn't get an argument from me. (LWR 2)

3. Washington Nationals (49-34) We knew the Nationals were going to be good this year and contend in the National League East. Not only do they lead the division at the break by four games they have the best record in the NL. (LWR 3)

4. Los Angeles Angels (48-38) In his 10-year career Dan Haren has made 273 starts and has never been placed on the disabled list. Until now. Haren is out with a back injury but if he comes back healthy he only makes the Angels that much better. (LWR 4)

5. Chicago White Sox (47-38) Last week I wrote about how Jake Peavy was an All-Star snub. You are welcome Jake. Enjoy KC for the festivities. The White Sox are red hot. (LWR 10)

6. Pittsburgh Pirates (48-37) Since May 12th the Pirates are 34-19 which is the best record in MLB. These aren't your dad's, or maybe even your grandfather's Pirates. (LWR 12)

7. Cincinnati Reds (47-38) The Reds are only a game back of Pittsburgh and have the best hitter in baseball in Joey Votto. He can't do it himself but the NL Central is the most up-for-grabs division in baseball in my opinion. (LWR 7)

8. San Francisco Giants (46-40) They lost their lead to the Dodgers and were throttled in Pittsburgh. Tim Lincecum's struggles continue as he is statistically the worst started in MLB among qualifiers. They need him to be Lincecum, not Barry Zito. (LWR 5)

9. Los Angeles Dodgers (47-40) Matt Kemp is slated to come off the DL to start the second half. The Dodgers offense needs him and some more help if they are going to continue to play like a true contender. (LWR 9)

10. Atlanta Braves (46-39) Brian McCann is having his worst statistical season (.238/.301/.430) but he has now homered in four straight games. McCann needs to turn that corner for the Braves to have a chance to catch the Nationals. (LWR 14)

11. New York Mets (46-40) We are a week before Johan Santana's next start but he has already been scratched. from his Friday start against the Braves. The Mets magical run needs a healthy Santana to continue. (LWR 8)

12. Baltimore Orioles (45-40) The O's are being mentioned as possible suitors for Zack Greinke or Wandy Rodriguez. If they can get one of those without trading an elite piece like Manny Machado or Dylan Bundy they could be dangerous. (LWR 13)

13. Tampa Bay Rays (45-41) The Rays have committed 71 errors so far this year. Last year they committed a total of 73. Whoops. (LWR 11)

14. St. Louis Cardinals (46-40) The Cards will have a shot of nostalgia when former manager Tony LaRussa leads the National League in the All-Star game tomorrow. Maybe that is enough to get them back on track to their championship ways of last year. (LWR 15)

15. Boston Red Sox (43-43) Last week I gave the Sox some love with a huge jump from 18 to 7 in my rankings. Maybe I was a bit overzealous. Boston just completed a 1-6 week against Oakland and the Yankees. (LWR 7)

16. Cleveland Indians (44-41) Chris Perez blew his 2nd save of the season on the last day before the break. His other blown save? Opening day. An odd bookend stat for the All-Star closer. (LWR 18)

17. Toronto Blue Jays (43-43) The Jays may be in last place in the American League East but they are at .500 which makes their division the only one in baseball in which every team is at .500 or better. (LWR 16)

18. Oakland Athletics (43-43) The A's are 6-1 in July to finish at .500 at the break. If they were in a division that didn't have the Rangers and Angels they might be making even more noise out by the Bay. (LWR 20)

19. Detroit Tigers (44-42) As someone who has been waiting for the Tigers to break out all year I just learned that they were 45-41 at the break last year. That team finished up rather nicely. (LWR 19)

20. Arizona Diamondbacks (42-43) The D'Backs are treading water in the suddenly winnable NL West. There are rumblings that OF Justin Upton may be available in a trade. I can't fathom the cost that would take. (LWR 17)

21. Milwaukee Brewers (40-45) With so many injuries, the departure of Prince Fielder, and the near non-existence of Rickie Weeks the Brewers haven't been all that bad. If they lose Greinke and Marcum we might not be able to say that about them next year. (LWR 22)

22. Miami Marlins (41-44) I flip-flopped the Brewers and Marlins this week due to the loss of their lone All-Star Giancarlo Stanton. That might be the nail in the coffin on this team. The Dolphins open camp later this month. (LWR 21)

23. Kansas City Royals (37-47) Rumor has is the Royals are looking for an MLB-ready player in a trade for closer Johnathan Broxton. I'm not sure if that will get them over the hump this year. (LWR 24)

24. Minnesota Twins (36-49) The Twins are closer to a playoff spot than six other teams. With their horrid start to the year that is still hard to believe. (LWR 26)

25. Philadelphia Phillies (37-50) The Phils have lost 10 of 11 and have quickly fallen out of it They didn't get to their 50th loss last year until mid-September. (LWR 23)

26. Seattle Mariners (36-51) They have the worst record in the AL and we could be seeing the end of Ichiro. His numbers are even worse this year and he is a free agent at the end of the season. (LWR 25)

27. Chicago Cubs (33-52) They split a series against the Braves and won a series against the Mets. Ryan Dempster came off the DL to extend his scoreless streak to 27 innings. This is the best the Cubs have looked all year. Perhaps the break came at the right time so their fans can savor the feeling a little longer. (LWR 29)

28. San Diego Padres (34-53) They are no longer alone in the basement of the NL West. The Colorado Rockies have decided to join them down there. (LWR 30)

29. Colorado Rockies (33-52) Honestly can't think of one nice thing to say about the Rockies. So I won't say anything. (LWR 28)

30. Houston Astros (33-53) It is too easy to say "Houston, we have a problem" so I won't say that. In fact, this is where most people expected the Astros to be all year. (LWR27)


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