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Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

Updated on October 2, 2012


My own take on the power rankings list that I'm sure you've seen before on other sites. ESPN and all the other talking heads let you start from the top. I'm going to make you work a little bit more. Starting with number 32 we are going to count backwards to #1. First week doing this. I will try to keep it up the rest of the season.

32. Cleveland Browns

In line for another high draft pick this year. They have a little bit of game on D. On offence they are a big LT and a rookie RB with a bunch of bums.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

Gabbert looks slightly better than last year. Not saying much. Blackmon looks like a solid player in the making. But this team is still a ways away.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

On the plus side Mike Williams looks more like his rookie year than his sophomore slump. But the defense has leaked worse than Romney’s campaign team.

29. New Orleans Saints

Showed signs of life against the Pack. I can't see this team not winning any games. But until they do I just cannot put an 0-4 team any higher.

28. Oakland Raiders

That trade for Carson Palmer looks worse and worse. The price given up should have netted a pro bowl caliber player. Palmer has not been that.

27. Kansas City Chiefs

At this point there's no more room for improvement. What you see out of Matt Cassel is what you get. And that is not much.

26. Tennessee Titans

I’ll cut the Titans a little slack since they did play the consensus best team in the NFL this week. But still, 1-3 now with Lockers health up in the air.

25. Miami Dolphins

A team that could be 3-1 if not for two straight OT losses. Tannehill shows some flash of what could be to come. Don't know what to make of WR Brian Hartline. Two weeks of huge games, and two weeks where his number was barely called. Time will tell.

24. Indianapolis Colts

Luck has been mostly as advertised thus far. Reggie Wayne is still serviceable. Not a good team, but in a weak division could win 6 or 7 games. Plus they rise a little since in their bye week some other teams put in awful performances.

23. Detroit Lions

The only reason they are this high is because of Calvin Johnson and Stafford. But if they don't outpace the insane amount of points their defense and special teams gives up soon they are going to drop down.

22. New York Jets

The first 2-2 team on the list. I'm not sure they would beat all of the teams below them. Fans and media are calling for Tim Tebow. I have no idea why. Tim Tebow is f******* terrible.

21. Carolina Panthers Hung

Hung tough with a very good Falcons team this week or they would be lower. And honestly should have won. I don't care how amazing Roddy White’s catch was theres no way he should have been behind your secondary in that situation!

20. St Louis Rams

For no real reason I root for this team a little. Jeff Fisher appears to be making a big difference in the play of the team.

19. Washington Redskins

Not a very good team. That being said RG3 makes them one hell of a can’t miss TV team

18. Dallas Cowboys

Five interceptions........If Romo can't right the ship, and soon, Mr. Jones is going to be forced to look for a new long term option at QB. On that note am I the only one who has noticed Jerry Jones is rapidly becoming Al Davis in his meddling?

17. PIttsburgh Steelers

Once great, now fading to just okay. Big Ben should be able to make enough plays to keep them relevant. Their defense will get healthier if not younger.

16. Buffalo Bills

A hard team to rank. If Fitz could be any kind of consistent this team would be scary. Fortunately they don't have to face Tom Brady every week. Even Brady is no excuse for the defense to melt down the way it did last week.

15. New York Giants

This regular season routine is almost familiar now. I'm not falling for the banana in the tail-pipe. This is still a team nobody wants to play against.

14. Seattle Seahawks

Still this high based solely on defensive merit, and my man crush on Russell Wilson. The offense needs to show more though.

13. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are a conundrum. 3-1 with a win over the 49ers. I just can't explain how they are doing it on offense. Special teams gave them a big lift last week. I really look forward to seeing what this team can do against Green Bay.

12. Denver Broncos

A bit inconsistent over the first 3 weeks, Manning looked the #18 of old in week 4. Should get more and more settled in.

11. Philadelphia Eagles

Could rise or fall dramatically in the coming weeks. One loss and three very scrappy wins. Nothing convincing. I don't trust it.

10. Chicago Bears

Cutler is going to win you some and going to single handedly lose you some. Their defense and improved skill position play will keep them in and around the top 10.

9. Cincinnati Bengals

I have a soft spot for downtrodden cities who have had to endure years of bad teams. So go Bengals. AJ Green is going to be Greg Jennings. A top 5 NFL receiver that nobody seems to talk about.

8. New England Patriots

Brady showed a bit of a chip on his shoulder in the second half Sunday. Wasn't sure he was capable of taking his skirt off anymore. Two 100 yard rushers on this team should scare the rest of the AFC east as well.

7. San Diego Chargers

A good start getting very little press. Maybe because I live on the east coast. Regardless Rivers and the Chargers look good. That they play in a weak division helps.

6. Arizona Cardinals

A very tough D. Scraped together an OT win against Miami to stay undefeated. I still say they are a fringe playoff team. Prove me wrong Cards, prove me wrong.

5. Green Bay Packers

I will begin my top 5 with a team I think still may be the best in football. The defense has looked improved in every game save for the one they faced Drew Brees. And that Rodgers guy is pretty good.

4. Baltimore Ravens

I want to trust Joe Flacco. I just don't. He’s the hot girl with VD. A whole lot of fun until you get burned.

3. San Francisco 49ers

Similar team to Baltimore. Just a little scarier. Rush defense is like a boss in Mega Man 2. Really damned hard to beat.

2. Atlanta Falcons

Slightly tenuous since they got to 4-0 on a terrible defensive play by the Panthers. I guess that's what good teams do to bad teams. Find ways to win. 4-0

JJ Watt

The man is a monster.
The man is a monster. | Source

1. Houston Texans

How could anybody else be here at this point. Talent wise a top 10 QB, top 3 WR, top 3 RB. Not to mention JJ Watt. Who would be defensive player of the year if the season were over today.

That will do it for this week. Lets see how this does reader wise. Because it was a whole lot more work than I thought it was going to be!


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