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Week 6 Picks and Predictions

Updated on October 12, 2011
Best ran wild against the Bears Monday night.
Best ran wild against the Bears Monday night.

Panthers at Falcons - The Falcons come into this game four point favorites over a one win Carolina team that's just a few plays away from being a three win team. Matt Ryan has historically been good at home and after an upsetting loss to the Packers after a fast start, I think they will get back on track this weekend. Falcons win 27-24

Colts at Bengals - The Bengals are picked to win by a touchdown over the Colts in Vegas odds. They have a young QB that is playing really well and a defense that looks pretty good. I think Painter has played well but he'll struggle against this defense. Dallas Clark needs to start catching the ball to help out his young QB. Colts will fight, but will lose 27-17

49ers at the Lions - The Lions are 5-0 for the first time since 1956 but they still aren't getting the respect they deserve. But at the same time, either are the 49ers. Alex Smith is finally playing like I knew he could, but they are an inexperienced team that's still learning to win and traveling to a hostile Detroit Ford Field where they Detroit faithful forced 9 false start Monday Night. Detroit is 4.5 point favorites and I think they will cover this weekend. Many people are taking the niners but I am a believer in Detroit. 31-20

Rams at Packers - There isn't much to say here. The Packers are 15.5 point favorites and playing at home against one of the worst teams in the league right now. Aaron Rodgers throws 4 touchdowns and the Packers win 35-17

Eli will try and get the Gmen back on track against Buffalo
Eli will try and get the Gmen back on track against Buffalo

Bills at Giants - This is going to be one of my favorite match ups to watch this weekend. The Bills are playing well and getting things to go their way, and the Giants receivers seem to sive the ball away quite often. The Giants are 3 point favorites at home and I think this is the hardest game of the week to pick for me. If the Giants play four quarters like we know they can, they will win this game. Giants win 24-21

Jaguars at Steelers - I still don't really know who the Steelers are, but I do know who the Jags are, and they are not good. Steelers win 39-8

Eagles at Redskins - This will be the weekend that the Eagles will start getting things going. They played well but just had some unlucky bounces and stupid mistakes last week against the Bills. Eagles will win 31-21

Texans at Ravens - With Johnson still banged up, I think the Ravens coming off a bye and playing at home will be too much for the Texans. The Ravens are 7.5 point favorites and I do think they will cover and win this game. 34-24

Browns at Raiders - Coming off of a bye you would hope that the Browns would have a game plan together for the Raiders. Oakland is coming off an emotional win for their late owner Al Davis, but I think they have a let down this week. Peyton Hillis needs to just play ball in Cleveland and let the rest take care of itself. The Browns getting 7.5 points is mind boggling to me coming off a bye. I think they cover, but the Raiders will win 17-13

Cowboys at Patriots - Both of these defenses are really bad, but the Pats offense is great and they are playing at home. Easy pick here. Pats 38-17

Saints at Buccaneers - The Buccaneers look to have played better last year than they really are. They are young, so they will continue to get better, but the league is too big for them right now. Brees will exploit this defense on Sunday. Saints win big 30-20

Vikings at Bears - The Bears D has given up over 400 yards each of the first five games for the first time in franchise history. Cutler basically has no offensive line, and he may not make it through too many more games. They will win this game though because all they have to do is stop Peterson. I don't see him shredding the Bears like Best did last week. They are too good of a team to make that mistake twice. Bears win 20-10

Dolphins at Jets - This is always a fun Monday night game regardless of how bad either of these teams are. The Jets are struggling defensively and they just shipped Derrick Mason off to Houston because he wasn't happy with the Jets offense (or lack there of). Sanchez is not a good enough QB to carry this team without a running game, but the Dolphins have zero offense. This will be a boring defensive game, but the Jets will win at home 13-9


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    • Malchiah profile image

      Malchiah 6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Good Job, Bigpayno, I went 9-4, ugh ... but there's always next week. I'm off to look at your picks!!

    • Bigpayno profile image

      Bigpayno 6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Sweet looking forward to reading them. I won't have mine up till Saturday.

    • hale12783 profile image

      hale12783 6 years ago from New York

      Awesome bounce back week man! 11-2 is really good, I thought this was the hardest week to pick so far. You picked some tough games right, props man! I'll have next weeks picks up tomorrow.

    • Kenorv profile image

      Kenorv 6 years ago

      Eagles still have too many problems. This isn't the week they get things right. Maybe after their bye week but not this week. Washington will run the ball very well, control the clock and keep Vick off the field and unable to do what he did to them last year. Washington's defense is much improved and Philly's offensive line is horrible. I'm not saying that Washington will win easily but it will probably be something like 24-21 Washington.

    • Bigpayno profile image

      Bigpayno 6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      I like how Carolina is playing, but I really just can't see the Falcons blowing two games at home like that. I think the Lions and 49ers game is going to be the most intriguing, if it were in San Fran, I think the Niners win. It really can go either way, but I'm riding the Lions until they lose. Monday will be fun for sure guys to see how we all ended up this weekend. Good luck to everyone!

    • Manny2437 profile image

      Manny2437 6 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      I gotta go with the Niners this week. I'm just feeling them. Panthers are no upset, I think they are better than the Falcons and will beat them. I also think the Vikings will surprise the bears. Malchiah, check out my hub NFL Passion Week 5 Good Bad and Ugly. I think you'll like it. Nice picks guys.

    • hale12783 profile image

      hale12783 6 years ago from New York

      Nice picks, I think we have 3 or 4 different, being the Bills, Niners, Redskins, and Panthers. I think all 4 of those games could go either way. The only reason I didn't pick the Eagles is because I keep saying this is the week they are going to bounce back.....and they are killing me every week! I do think they will eventually though, but the Skins are coming off of a bye week and will be ready. The Bills are another team, I keep thinking they are going to fall off the wagon and they keep rolling! Couldn't pick against them. And the Niners was easy for me, while the Panthers were my upset pick this week over the Falcons. GOod luck man, bring on SUNDAY!!

    • Bigpayno profile image

      Bigpayno 6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Thanks for the post! I really like your take on all the picks as well. It's been a crazy season, I'm really anxious to see how some of these games will play out.

    • Malchiah profile image

      Malchiah 6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Loving your Hubs, seriously. I just can't comment on two or three games and then walk away, I'm going to comment on EVERY PREDICTION you've made, LOL

      Panthers at Falcons. I'm inclined to agree with you, Atlanta losing two in a row at home isn't likely. But Cam is going to feel right at home -close to it, considering he played at Auburn and he's going to scare the Falcons just a bit. If they ever figure out a running game, the Panthers will be legitimately dangerous. SCORE: We agree on this one.

      Colts at Bengals. The Chase for Luck continues and the Indy saga spins on. Cincy has played over their heads and Indy isn't as bad as their record. They (Indy) have to break through at some point and I'm picking this week to be the week. Painter is getting more and more comfortable and Cincy won't provide the threat to throw on nearly every down as KC did last week. SCORE: Colts, 28-23

      49ers at Lions. The Lions, after their emotional win on Monday night will experience a let down, but the bad thing for the 49ers is that this game won't be by the Bay, it's still in the Dome and that will be enough for the Lions to get by and win a close one. If they can get the run game they got on Monday night, this team will really be scary down the stretch of the season. SCORE: Lions, 28-22.

      Rams at Packers. This will look like an SEC team against Navy or Air Force; BLOWOUT. Packers at home will destroy the Rams. Packers -while in my opinion, not as great as everyone says, are still clicking enough to not even break a sweat in this one. SCORE: Packers, 42-20.

      Bills at Giants. This will be a great game, I think. Bills -I'm still not sold on, Giants -I'm still not sold on, which should make for an intriguing and entertaining game. Turnovers should determine this one and with Eli's proclivity to turn the ball over and the Bills ability to get turnovers, give me the Bills. SCORE: Bills, 27-21.

      Jags at Pittsburgh. The Steelers are NOT a playoff team, in my opinion. I've always said if Rothlisberger is ever throwing the ball more than the Steelers are running it, they're doomed for failure. One thing Big Ben is not, is Brady, Brees, Manning, Rodgers or Rivers. Yet, it's the Jags. Big Ben could have 5 more TD's when this one is done. SCORE: Steelers, 35-10.

      Eagles at Redskins. This is the beginning of the saving of Andy Reid's job. If the Eagles can win, they just might find the confidence to start rolling with all the talent (no chemistry, no offensive line). If they lose, it's a wrap. Reid's done and they won't be able to get him out of Philly fast enough. I think the Eagles find a way, just as all hope looks lost. SCORE: Eagles, 30-24.

      Texans at Ravens. WIth Johnson banged up and out, and -like you said, the Ravens coming off a bye week, I can only say 'why are you predicting that many points for the Texans?' LOL ... Ravens will dominate, they are the REAL VERSION of ground and pound. SCORE: Ravens, 30-13.

      Browns at Raiders. This is the first home game without Al Davis, so not only will the players be charged, but the crowd will be too. It'll be too much for a Cleveland team that's still 2-3 years away, but may be taking too long for the building process. SCORE: Raiders, 21-13.

      Cowboys at Patriots. If Dallas were healthy, this would be entertaining. The Patriots are atrocious on defense and Brady and Belichick have masked that to an extent (They will get exposed in the playoffs, per the usual). The Pats at home, in the regular season will be too much for the Cowboys, although it'll be closer than some might think. SCORE: Pats, 38-27.

      Saints at Buccaneers. Being a Bucs fan, their performance last week was disappointing, but they will -despite their opponent, will bounce back. They just won't bounce back with a win. The Saints, in my opinion (not the Packers) are the best team in the NFC and they will prove it again with a convincing win over a still year-or-two-away Bucs team. SCORE: Saints, 27-17.

      Vikings at Bears. The Vikings aren't as bad as their 1-4 record. They should have been 3-2 at the very worst, surely 4-1. Adrian Peterson is the best running back in the NFL and the Viking defense is getting better each week. Having said that, short of Devin Hester and his heroics & Matt Forte and his best Gale Sayers impression, the Bears are limited and those limitations continue as it leads to -unfortunately, the dismissal of Lovie Smith at the end of the season. SCORE: Vikings, 27-19.

      Dolphins at Jets. This is the worst Monday night game they could have ever come up with. Dolphins, who are in the "Chase for Luck" sweepstakes and the Jets, who couldn't score if they were standing in the end zone, have prime time?? Dolphins have playmakers and still could pose problems for the Jets, but Rex Ryan will find a way to make that defense play like it's supposed to and change Sanchez from this guy who looks the part but doesn't act the part, to who he really is; today's version of Trent Dilfer. SCORE: Jets, 23-17.

      We'll see how it plays out. Love the HUBS, Bigpayno!!!