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Week 6 Predictions for the 2014 Season

Updated on October 10, 2014

What a wild weekend that we just witnessed both in College Football and in the NFL. From the Ole Miss-Bama game to the OT Dallas win over Houston on Sunday. Couldn't have it any better than that. Hopefully this upcoming weekend will be the same or better. Good luck to your team this week.

Bye: Chiefs, Saints

Colts @ Texans: I didn't watch the game, but I read that the Colts defense had quite a performance against Baltimore on Sunday. Four sacks and an interception doesn't tell much when you are just looking at stats but that should be a sign that the defense is clicking. Andrew Luck nearly has as many yards passing as Houston does in total offense.

Pick: Colts

Steelers @ Browns: I think this game will be difficult to predict. In the first game of the season, these two teams met in Pittsburgh that ended with a 3-point victory for the Steelers.Their loss to Tampa Bay still concerns me and they played a tight game in Jacksonville this past Sunday. Still, those wins were messy but I think Cleveland will rise.

Pick: Browns

Patriots @ Bills: I didn't think the Brady era would be over, but I did think that they will struggle after what we've seen so far early in the season. Kudos to the Patriots on getting back on track. Now, we are on to Buffalo. Both defenses rank in the top-8 in terms of yards allowed per game. It seems with a few teams, the defenses are great at defending the run but not the pass. Will the Patriots be able to hold off that defensive line that is tied for first in the league in sacks? They will have to. The crowd will be going bonkers in Buffalo.

Pick: Patriots

Panthers @ Bengals: The Bengals will be back home after an embarrassing performance on Sunday night. It looks like they will be a receiver short with A.J. Green out. Not to worry, Carolina hasn't been themselves. The Panthers running game isn't there (ranked 30th in the league) and their defense has struggled. They have allowed the most rushing yards per attempt in the NFL. Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard will have a good day against this defense. Now, Cincinnati hasn't been great either when it comes to defending the run but they rank better than Carolina in terms of touchdowns allowed.

Pick: Bengals

Jaguars @ Titans: The Jaguars have allowed 435.4 yards per game which is the league's worst. However, the moral victory that they received on Sunday will transition to this game. They nearly had a chance. Tennessee had a chance also, and their defense couldn't do anything at the time that they were needed to. Jacksonville allows the most passing yards per game at 308.8. Tennessee will air it out which will help Jacksonville at the same time because they are third in the league in sacks. It's anybody's game here.

Pick: Jaguars

Packers @ Dolphins: The Dolphins are allowing 3.8 yards per carry which is almost to what Green Bay is averaging in their offensive run game (4.0 yards per attempt). The Packers will be good to go and confident heading into this game with Lacy and Starks running the ball along with their defense making stops. Both teams are coming into this game with extra time to prepare for each other. Defensive stops and keeping the Packers offense on the sideline will help Miami succeed. Running the ball will help but at some point Tannehill will have to throw to keep drives going. He has thrown an interception in nearly every game this season, and it will be costly here if he does. I think Tannehill will have a solid game but in the end, Rodgers will get the win.

Pick: Packers

Lions @ Vikings: Terrible game last Thursday for Minnesota that should make this game special. Teddy Bridgewater's return will be nice. I bet both defenses heard in ear full after what happened during their respective game. This will make for an entertaining game. Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush most likely will be out for this game. Golden Tate will once again be the man for Detroit. It will be up to Minnesota to not blow a defensive assignment and putting pressure on Stafford. Another key factor for Minnesota is how the offensive line protects their quarterback. It will be a QB duel in Minneapolis. Expect Patterson to have a big day after not being featured in previous games.

Pick: Vikings

Broncos @ Jets: This game features two teams headed in opposite directions. I don't know how the Jets allowed 162 rushing yards last Sunday. Denver's running game isn't something to worry about so maybe it was a one time thing. However, the Jets will have to worry about Denver's passing game. The Jets will do something on offense on a few possessions but it won't be a competitive game.

Pick: Broncos

Ravens @ Buccaneers: Another close game that both teams will be involved in. The Buccaneers already took down one AFC North team and Baltimore are at their sights to potentially turn around their season. The offense is good but the defense will be a let down again. The Ravens will find ways to pose a problem on that offense while Joe Flacco and the Smiths won't find it difficult to score on Tampa after a poor game last week.

Pick: Ravens

Chargers @ Raiders: I think that the Raiders will be competitive in this game. The burying of the football was necessary for the struggling franchise. Two games were winnable if you look at it, but their defense and bad luck bit them. San Diego on the other hand are looking at contending for a division title. The emergence of Branden Oliver (Sproles Jr.) will give defenses some headaches later on.

Pick: Chargers

Bears @ Falcons: Both defenses aren't great but they play hard and they will have a task defending the other's weapons. They are about even, only the running back and tight end positions favor Chicago. Matt Ryan is back home where his numbers this season are much better than when he is away. While he plays consistent at home, Cutler is inconsistent. So expect a bounce-back game for him after blowing a lead last week. Expect a combined score somewhere in the 60's.

Pick: Bears

Cowboys @ Seahawks: Both teams have one loss heading into this game, and won pretty close games for week 5. What Washington couldn't do was run the ball. Dallas has that formula of running the ball to control this game and not let Russel Wilson and Lynch get to work. The "wizard" that is Tony Romo helped Dallas make plays in critical situations last week and with a strong offensive line, it will continue. The thing that cannot happen is turning the ball over. How the running game does for Dallas will be the factor in this game. The Cowboys are playing at their best right now. The fact that they haven't had a "home crowd" at Jerry World will give them some hope when dealing with the 12th man.

Pick: Cowboys

Redskins @ Cardinals: Washington's offense had a few nice plays on Monday night and their defense did all they could to slow down Seattle. Someone forgot about Russel Wilson. With the statuses of Palmer and Stanton questionable for this game, it is up the second ranked rushing defense of Arizona to hold its own. No matter who starts for Arizona, the passing game will be alive against a team that has allowed the fourth highest touchdowns through the air.

Pick: Arizona

Giants @ Eagles: LaSean McCoy hasn't cracked 100 yards rushing in a game this season. This time last year he was at the 500 mark in rushing yards with 514. This year he is at 273. The Giants all around have been playing better than the Eagles over the course of three weeks. Eli is playing great, Andre Williams will have an impact on this game and the defense is playing well. For Philadelphia, the running game isn't there, offensive line is still nicked up and their defense hasn't been great.

Pick: Giants

49ers @ Rams: Baseball's St. Louis Cardinals will play against the Giants in the NLCS the day prior to this Monday night match-up. Maybe the fans for those two teams will stick around an extra day to watch this game on Primetime. Regardless, there will be energy cranking. Both teams were involved in close games last week and it will be a close game here. The Rams defense hasn't been a factor for much of the season which will be easy for San Francisco when they're driving across the field.

Pick: 49ers

Which game are you looking forward to?

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