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Week 9 Power Rankings

Updated on November 1, 2011

Week 8 of the NFL gave us some upsets and made it even more difficult to rank teams behind the Packers. The Patriots fell to the Steelers pretty handily, the Saints were man-handled by the winless Rams, and the Ravens were nearly beaten at home by the Cardinals. There doesn't seem to be any teams behind the Packers that can prove they can win on a week to week basis consistently. I was never big on the San Diego Chargers, and they've proved me right the last few weeks, so they drop dramatically on my list. Rivers keeps giving us his best impression of Tony Romo and this team keeps faltering. Let's see where they fall on the list along with the rest of the NFL teams.

These power rankings are up to date through week 8 of the NFL season. The Lions and Bills both move back up after wins this weekend, and the Saints, Ravens, and Patriots fall. The Steelers jump up to number 2 after beating the Patriots and getting off to a 6-2 start. It was a wild weekend of games and a lot of teams juggled around on the list.

NFL Power Rankings Week 9

Green Bay Packers
A bye week keeps them safe atop the NFL's elite
Pittsburgh Steelers
After beating the Patriots with ease, this team appears to be back on track
San Francisco 49ers
Quietly the niners are 6-1 and almost have the division wrapped up midseason.
New York Giants
Yes, they struggled with Miami but I saw this coming. The Giants are still the team to beat in the NFC East right now
Buffalo Bills
Ryan Fitzpatrick proved his worth and started earning that new contract on Sunday
New England Patriots
This defense has too many holes to cover up. If Brady can't score, this team is doomed and will continue to fall on the list
Detroit Lions
The Lions are back on the winning track. I'd like to see them drop the thug image and just play football.
New Orleans Saints
A big let down getting beat by the Rams. The South is again up for grabs.
Baltimore Ravens
This team has looked terrible the last few weeks offensively. Flacco looks like an average QB at best. The defense keeps them this high on the list
Cincinnati Bengals
At 5-2 this is the surprise team of the NFL. They have a good shot at the playoffs if the Ravens falter
New York Jets
Rex has the boys back on track, but a tough schedule ahead will determine how good they really are
Houston Texans
The Texans win two straight division games and are now 3-0 in play. Andre Johnson should be back next week, so they will be even better.
Chicago Bears
A bye week keeps the Bears among the top NFC teams
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Same with the Bears, the Buccaneers come off a bye week so they don't lose any ground
Atlanta Falcons
Another team coming off a bye week they hold at 15
Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles looked very impressive against the Cowboys, maybe they figured some things out
Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs have won 3 straight and moved up to a tie for first with the Chargers and Raiders
Oakland Raiders
We will see next week in Carson Palmer has learned the playbook and can lead this team
San Diego Chargers
The Chargers seemed to have reversed their trend and are now losing games mid season after having their best October in years
Tennessee Titans
CJ2K is awful after receiving a huge contract. This team is still 4-3 and in the mix, but they need to beat Houston
Dallas Cowboys
After an awful showing on Sunday night, the boys are falling back down the list
Minnesota Vikings
I knew The Vikings would beat the Panthers Sunday. They are looking revived under Ponder and Peterson is running hard.
Carolina Panthers
They have a lot of talent but need to figure out how to win games.
Washington Redskins
The Skins are bad. I don't think they should have pulled Grossman after one bad game. Now they are starting from scratch with Beck.
Arizona Cardinals
They almost pulled off a huge upset but they faltered in the second half. They don't know how to win games.
Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jags have no offense. Gabbert may be a decent QB but he has no weapons around him.
Cleveland Browns
Like the Jags, the Browns have no offense. It's hard to watch their dink and dunk offense.
Seattle Seahawks
Another team that lacks offense, they are falling way behind the niners in the division.
St Louis Rams
A big win over the Saints, they still have a lot of issues, but they pull out of the race for top draft pick
Denver Broncos
This team has a lot of issues that go beyond Tebow. They are really bad at all phases of the game.
Miami Dolphins
This team has talent, but they still can't find a way to win games. It's just a matter of time before Sparano is gone.
Indianapolis Colts
A horrible defense, bad offensive line, and erratic play from the QB gives this team a mixture for disaster. Looks like they will be Lucking out next spring.


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