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Week13 MLB Power Rankings

Updated on June 19, 2013

Week 13 MLB Power Rankings

We are back on our Monday rankings update. Hooray routine! What won't be routine this week is the team at the top of the rankings.*All stats and records through Sunday.*

1. Texas Rangers (45-28) The Rangers are now the hottest team in baseball as they have won 8 of 9 and own the best record as well. Oh, and Roy Oswalt should be just fine filling that hole in the rotation (6 2/3 innings pitched, 1 ER and the W in his debut last week). (Last Weeks Ranking 4)

2. New York Yankees (43-28) If it weren't for the Rangers the Yanks would hold the top spot this week. Let's say they are 1B instead of 2. OK? (LWR 2)

3. Los Angeles Dodgers (43-30) They still have the National League' best record but getting swept by the Oakland A's will not allow you to keep the top spot. (LWR 1)

4. Washington Nationals (41-29) The entire NL East is struggling as of late. The Nats could have used that to build a big lead. They did not. (LWR 3)

5. Tampa Bay Rays (40-32) The Rays have been playing much of the season without their best hitter in Evan Longoria. Now they will have to play without their 2nd best hitter as Matt Joyce was placed on the DL. (LWR 5)

6. Cincinnati Reds (39-32) The Reds would have had a few more wins this week but all of a sudden Aroldis Chapman has a bad case of the runs Pepto Bismol might not even be able to fix. After not giving up an earned run until June 7th he has allowed 7 runs in his last 6 appearances blowing 3 saves and taking 3 losses. (LWR 7)

7. Los Angeles Angels (40-33) Ernesto Frieri has been the mirror image of Aroldis Chapman lately. In his last 10 outings he has 7 saves and 13 K's while allowing only 4 hits. (LWR 9)

8. Baltimore Orioles (41-31) Tough break for the O's as Nolan Riemold will undergo the same neck surgery as Peyton Manning. He is presumably out for the year. (LWR 6)

9. San Francisco Giants (40-33) I said a few weeks ago that this team was silently playing very good baseball. Silent no more as they are only 3 games behind the Dodgers in the NL West. (LWR 8)

10. New York Mets (39-34) Johnny Van Der Near aka R.A. Dickey was lit up against the Yankees Sunday night ending his dominance. The Mets, however, are proving that they are in the mix for the division this year. (LWR 12)

11. Atlanta Braves (38-34) Jair Jurrjens came back from AAA to toss a gem (7 2/3, 3 hits, 1 ER) against the Red Sox this weekend. If he can play half as well as he did in the beginning of 2011 the Braves rotation might not be in as much trouble as I think they are. (LWR 11)

12. Chicago White Sox (38-34) Kevin Youkilis is changing his sox....and the rest of his uniform. The Youker will immediately upgrade the putrid play the White Sox have received from their 3rd baseman as they rank dead last in baseball in almost every offensive category. (LWR 10)

13. Pittsburgh Pirates (38-33) While the Buccos rank in the bottom three in baseball in most offensive categories they continue to win. They are 17-9 over the last month and sit a game out of first place. (LWR 15)

14. St. Louis Cardinals (38-35) Chris Carpenter is optimistic about his recovery from injury that has had him out all year. If he can come back by late July it could be just what the Cards need to win their division. (LWR 14)

15. Toronto Blue Jays (37-35) While their pitching took a hit Colby Rasmus (.315/.365/.972 in June) has been on fire and makes the potent lineup that much scarier. (LWR 16)

16. Cleveland Indians (37-34) Can I plead the 5th on this one? Like a fan in Major League said, :"they suck again!" (LWR 13)

17. Arizona Diamondbacks (37-35) Stud prospect Trevor Bauer will make his major league debut against my Braves on Thursday. Needless to say I have picked him up in fantasy and will not be afraid to deploy him against the team I root for. (LWR 17)

18. Boston Red Sox (38-34) The trade of Youkilis seems one-sided but it clears a spot for Will Middlebrooks and puts Adrian Gonzalez back at first. Position-wise the Red Sox are better off today. (LWR 19)

19. Detroit Tigers (35-37) Last week I called for the Tigers to make a push. Their record since then? 3-3. That isn't the push I was asking for. (LWR 20)

20. Oakland A's (35-38) The A's swept last week's first place Dodgers. While their record isn't terrible they are 10 games behind this week's first place Rangers. (LWR 23)

21. Miami Marlins (34-38) Only two teams in the NL (Colorado and Houston) have allowed more runs than the Marlins 333. That....isn't going to get it done. (LWR 18)

22. Milwaukee Brewers (33-39) Shaun Marcum has landed on the DL and Yovani Gallardo is still MIA. If it weren't for Ryan Braun and Zack Grienke heading this team the Brewers would be completely flat. (LWR 22)

23. Philadelphia Phillies (34-40) Chase Utley is set to return to the lineup this week. Too bad for the Phils it isn't 2008 Chase Utley. (LWR 21)

24. Kansas City Royals (31-39) Almost unbelievably the Royals are only 6 games out of first place. One good week could put them atop the division. My brain can't handle that. (LWR 24)

25. Seattle Mariners (31-43) Bauer has been called up and it might not be long for the Mariners to call up their own stud pitching prospect Danny Hultzen. (LWR 25)

26. Houston Astros (30-42) The big name right now in Houston is....Dallas? Rookie Dallas Keuchel threw a complete game allowing only 1 run over the weekend. Two weeks ago I had never heard of him along with most of the baseball world. (LWR 26)

27. Minnesota Twins (29-42) They have the best record of teams yet to reach 30 wins on the season. That's something right? Sorry Twins fans. (LWR 27)

28. Colorado Rockies (27-44) Troy Tulowitzki had groin surgery and will miss 6-8 weeks. I think it is time for the Rox to chalk this up as a lost season and grab a top 3 draft pick. (LWR 28)

29.. San Diego Padres (26-47) HardBallTalk columnist Craig Calcaterra took his kids to a Padres game last week and now his son thinks Jason Marquis is the bees knees. That....makes me laugh and since I have nothing else on the Padres I will go with that. (LWR 29)

30. Chicago Cubs (24-48) The worst team in the league is preparing to trade off some pieces. Depending on what they get for pitchers Matt Garza and Ryan Dempster the bounty will be the biggest win of the year for the Cubs. (LWR 30)


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