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What Are Crappie Fishing Jigs?

Updated on August 11, 2010

What Are Crappie Fishing Jigs?

Most beginner fishermen have no idea what crappie fishing jig they should be using. We are faced with so many that it is really hard to make a decision. We are faced with many types, sizes and colors, thus making everything quite confusing. If you want to understand everything properly you do need to know what one crappie fishing jig is. Let us analyze the colors problem and what you need to use in different situations.

Crappie fishing jigs have 2 parts. Number one comes with a molded sinker and hook. The second is basically the body of the jig. Many good items can be used to create it. Popular materials used include tails, blades, hair and bristle. A crappie jig has the main purpose to create jerking motions on a vertical scale. This can attract fish. Spinner bait must never be confused with this type of jigs. Spinner bait moves horizontally and jigs will move vertically. How can you really choose a crappie fishing jig that is good stands out as a problem. This is because different circumstances will require different jigs. You should usually keep trying to see what works so that you can learn from your mistakes. We recommend you to keep one simple log and note all results that you gain. We can find one real problem since the water conditions will also influence crappie fishing jigs colors needed. You should basically look at the light that surrounds you. If the weather is sunny a lighter colored jig has the best effect.

We can tell you that there are 3 main types of jigs that you should use for crappie fishing. We have the Rooster tail jigs, the Marabou jigs and the Curly tail jigs. Curly tail jigs can be recognized by the fact that they will always have a plastic tail. Rooster tail jig is basically one marabout jig plus a rotating blade or spoon. You have to always earn from all the errors that you make no matter what ends being chosen. The good news is that you will quickly learn what crappie fishing jigs to use in different circumstances.


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