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NFL Week 3: What I Learned

Updated on September 25, 2012
The Packers vs. Seahawks was a microcosm of the pathetic officiating put forth by the NFL over greed!
The Packers vs. Seahawks was a microcosm of the pathetic officiating put forth by the NFL over greed! | Source
No one is laughing at these impersonators in referee's clothing put forth by the NFL.
No one is laughing at these impersonators in referee's clothing put forth by the NFL. | Source

Week 3 taught me so many things. Many of them were not good. Most of the things I learned this week had to do with the officials (if that is what you call them), unfortunately. Some, had to do with teams, coaches, and of course players.

These Supposed Referees Are Out Of Control...BIGTIME!

This week showed that whatever leeway I gave the replacement officials (the nice term for idiotic shitheads), has now been revoked. This week was by far the worst I have ever seen, on any level.

No one needs to look further than the two nationally televised games this week. The first came on Sunday night on NBC. The Patriots vs. Ravens game was out of control ridiculous. FIrst, Julian Edelman nearly gets his head knocked off in the endzone, on what was clearly helmet to helmet contact with no penalty. Then, later in the game the same player, Edelman, gets called for a push off, on a play, that well, he never pushed off on.

It continued to get more ridiculous with penalties that were both non-existant as well as uncalled for in various situations. One, a supposed penalty against a defensive back for Baltimore, was so egregious that it upset Chris Collinsworth, who pointed out that the refs were not doing their jobs, or understanding what was required for said calls.

It got so bad, that Bill Belichick -who even has trouble doing more than cracking a smile, got so incensed that he ran down the official, who refused to even stop and acknowledge his shortcomings. This upset Belichick who grabbed at the officials arm in order to slow him down. This, regardless of intent, will be dealt with by the NFL who is trying to send a clear message; Don't question our highly questionable and incompetent employees acting as officials!

The madness happened again Monday night, when the game was decided with a highly questionable call (the nice term for horseshit). What was even more ridiculous than the call itself, was the fact that two refs on the field couldn't even agree, as their opinions were diametrically opposed. One said it was a touchdown, the other a touchback based on an interception.

Regardless of ones opinion of the call, the absurdity got even worse. The officials clearly demonstrated they had no knowledge of the rules when they asked Mike McCarthy if they had to even kick an extra point while ahead by a point. The answer was yes, but the refs began running off the field. They were then forced to come back. Even Pete Carroll laughed at their incompetence. This is pathetic!

The Saints Are In Serious Trouble....

They claimed that "Bounty Gate" would unify them and allow them to rally against their opponents in 2012. Missing their head coach, offensive coordinator (and interim coach), and their general manager for varying periods, the Saints have gotten only one thing, a winless record. The first playoff team to ever go 0-2 against two teams that were below .500 the previous year, went out and lost again, to the Cheifs, in New Orleans. The Saints are in trouble, serious trouble. Somebody call Ray LaMontangue!

Kudos to the Vikings...

No, I am not a Minnesota fan, nor do I root for the Raiders. However, what the Vikings did was impressive, to say the least. A team that many considered to finish in the bottom, or near the bottom, of its division, came out and beat one of the toughest teams in football, convincingly! The Niners looked flat from the start, the Vikings looked ready and willing to take it to the supposed toughest team in football.

Trent Richardson Is Going To Have Some Growing Pains...

Regardless of how much talent this kid has, Richardson is going to have an exciting, but up and down season. Very few rookies make it all sixteen games, let alone make a huge impact in their rookie campaigns. There have been exceptions, of course, but they are just that..exceptions.

The Jets Are In Major Trouble....

The Jets are in for a long season. Their supposed stud rookie wideout has bad wheels, Revis island is on vacation and not returning, Tim Tebow's plays are predictable to say the least, and Mark Sanchez is well back to having to rely on Santonio Holmes. This is going to get ugly, very quickly.

The NFL Needs To Be Fined...

The NFL fines its players and coaches if they do not uphold a certain standard of conduct, even if no criminal convictions or charges are involved. The NFL needs to follow its own rules and fine itself, millions! This product that the NFL has put on the field is disrespectful to the league, teams, other players, and anyone and everyone who has every watched, paid for, or worn anything related to the NFL. Somebody write Congress! Somebody, please lobby, Congress to repeal the NFL's anti-trust status, anything! HELP!

Which commentator was more perplexed and upset by the referees calls week three?

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    • Schule Covers profile image

      Jesse Schule 5 years ago

      Well, everybody got their wish .. the refs are back!

      I am going to predict that the following will happen: The first week back, there will be some mistakes made, but the "real refs" will get the benefit of the doubt. Instead of being raked over the coals by the media, players, coaches and fans. They will be protected.

      Before the season is over, there will be several more games decided by bad calls, but it will simply be accepted as part of the game. It has always been that way, and it will always be that way, in every sport.

      This issue about the replacement refs was WAY blow out of proportion!

      Just my NOT so humble opinion.


      Jesse Schule

    • William Young profile image

      William Young 5 years ago from Eaglle Grove, Iowa

      Great Hub, and yes--Kudos to the Vikes for beating the 49ers. I wonder if the Vikings are still sitting around asking themselves--did we really beat those guys? As for the officiating, I agree that it's been terrible, but I wrote a hub on this--I don't like the nasty way that the replacement refs are being treated. I agree that they are completely out of their element, mainly because they don't understand the nuances and the unique differences between the college game and the NFL game the way the full time regular refs do. The NFL needs to get the regular refs back SOON, I agree with that totally, but I wish the replacement refs were treated with a bit more decency and respect. They are human beings who have been thrown into a very difficult situation.