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What Is Wrong At Liverpool FC?

Updated on April 17, 2012

What is going on at Liverpool Football Club? They can't string two wins on the row.

(By the way, this is an evergreen article and will continue to be the case because Liverpool Football Club will probably not be able to win anything in the next few years anyway, so this article will remain evergreen!)

I have been a Liverpool Football Club fan for the last 15 years, which was when i really got into enjoying watching professional football.

This is Anfield
This is Anfield

Problems At Liverpool Football Club

Liverpool Football Club or LFC have got heaps of history in English football and are the mosr successful football club in the country, that is England. But since the English Premier League started, Liverpool have not won any league titles. Although LFC have not been declining since the glory days, they haven't been progressing much either.

One of the biggest problems at Liverpool Football Club is that the players which are bought in are not good enough, and if they are good at the time, they soon start to decline, for example Fernando Torres. The only player who is a legend at Liverpool Football Club now, Steven Gerrard, has been the most consistent throughout his career at the club. Compared to other English football clubs, like Manchester United, Arsenal etc Liverpool have never been good at buying or finding exceptionally talented players.

Luis Suarez - El Pistolero

Although Liverpool was not and sometimes cannot outbid other clubs for talented players, there are other teams who manage to buy very good players who become successful and stamp their authority in the game. Players like Darren Bent, Jermaine Defoe, Gareth Bale, Leyton Baines, Clint Dempsey and many many more were bought in as standard players who outshine other footballers who cost stupid amounts of money. I know it's still early, but Andy Carrol who cost Liverpool Football Club £35 million pounds cannot score a goal even if it was an open goal at the moment (2011-2012 season). That is a massive mistake on the clubs behalf because they could have gone and bought 2 world class players from Europe or England for that sort of money. For £35 million pounds, LFC could have bought a couple of really good footballers for example Arjen Robben, Mikel Arteta, Darren Bent or Edin Hazard and many many more who were available to buy at that time. Other top four or top six clubs seem to be able to buy some quality footballers for a very good price and Harry Redknapp is one manager who does that very well. When Harry Redknapp bought in Rafael Van Der Vart for £8 million pounds from Real Madrid he bought the bargain of the century, and then he went and got Emanuel Adebayor on Loan from Manchester City.

My personal view is that Liverpool FC have never been good at buying top quality players consistently with a couple of exceptions. Fernando Torres and and Luis Suarez were top buys for the money which was well spent, but apart from them two, who else stands out as top class footballers bought in to Liverpool FC in the last decade or so? Not many. I think it may be that LFC try too hard to thus missing in the transfer windows season in season out.

Buying quality players for any club is the major factor in future success, and i do not think LFC have got it right yet, even with a legend of football like Kenny Dalglish as the manager.

Will Things Improve At Liverpool FC?

The way things are progressing at Liverpool Football Club, it is looking good at the moment and hopefully in time the club will move forward and start to challenge for trophies to add to the vast range of trophies in the cabinet. There are young talented players coming through the ranks at the club like Martin Kelly, Jon Flanagan, Nathan Eccleston, Rahim Sterling, Daniel Pacheco, Jay Spearing etc. The future looks bright, but will these players progress onto becoming world class? Let's hope so!

It is the 'here and now' that needs addressing, and Kenny Dalglish is doing just that with the owners and the board, and with a little bit of luck, LFC might be able to turn things around and keep the Anfield crowd singing and dancing for years to come with success in the English Premier League and Europe. With new players that come in in the 2011-2012 season, let's hope that these players live up to their expectations and don't dissappoint the Anfield Faithful who will always be faithful no matter what.

Steven Gerrard - The Liverpool Legend!


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