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What Is Your Favorite Fishing Lure or Bait?

Updated on May 20, 2012
I caught this big fella on a worm.
I caught this big fella on a worm.

Stroll through the fishing isle at any major retailer or sporting goods store and you will see hundreds if not thousands of fishing lure choices. As a kid I spent so much time just starring at all of the different choices just wondering what would work. What would catch me the giant fish I wanted? How would I use it? What do you do with these? Are these for bass or trout?

Ok in all fairness I still do that today. If you have read any of my fishing articles you know that I love fishing and spend a lot of time fishing. My knowledge has grown considerably over the years, but every once in a while I find myself starring at random lures wondering if they will work.

So I decided I would take an opportunity to share a few of my favorite baits and lures. Also I would like for anyone that reads to add their favorite lures or baits to the comments section below. Please include what kind of fish you catch with them, how you fish them, and the setting they work for you in. Even if you don't consider yourself an avid fisherman I would appreciate any input from anyone!


I know most 'real' fisherman don't use worms, but I can argue with my own results. I use worms all of the time. I use worms for both bass and catfish. Personally, the way I see it is that worms are always the least of what a fish will bite. In other words, if the fish are going to bite... They will probably go after worms. Some days it seems like worms are the only thing they will bite.

I'm not sure there is a wrong way to fish with a worm, but regardless of whether I'm fishin for bass or cat fish I like to put a whole, big, squirming worm on the hook. The big bass in particular prefer to strike a whole worm. This seems to be the case for me at least.

If I'm fishing for catfish I will usually just let the worm sit on the bottom for a while. If I'm fishing for bass I'll let the worm sit at the bottom for a while, but I will move it occasionallly or even slowly bring it back to me.

Crawdad Lure

These little crawdad lures have come in very handy for me on creeks, rivers, and streams. They work very simply. All you have to do is cast them out and reel them back in. The body is made in a way that it looks like a crawdad swimming when you reel it through the water.

I never seem to have as much luck with them in really calm water, but anywhere with a little current seems to be really good. I've caught a lot of largemouth and smallmouth bass on these simple little lures.

The only problem with them is that because of the treble hooks they are easy to get hung up, and very difficult to retrieve once hung up. At around $5 a piece it gets old replacing them. I think different brands make them, but generally the only ones I find are by a brand called Rebel.

Salty Crawlers

These types of soft plastic lures go by several different names, and the chances are that if you are familiar with them you probably call them by a different name. I usually cal them The Monster From The Black Lagoon Lure because they don't look like anything I've ever seen swimming around. I don't think I would want to swim some place that I did.

This is another favorite choice of mine for bass fishing. I've had lots of luck with them everywhere and under every condition despite them looking like a big ugly monster. I've caught both largemouth and smallmouth bass out of rivers, ponds, and lakes with these ugly little buggers. These are also simple to use. You can run a regular hook through them or a weighted jig head. I like to use weedless jig heads with mine.

These are simple to use too. All you have to do is cast them out and slowly reel them back just fast enough for the legs to quick. I don't know why, but fish love them. I love how I can use them anywhere and have luck. The brand I used to always buy was Arkie's Jeff's Salty Crawls, but I don't see them as often anymore. There are few other brands that make them too.

The Grub

I just started using these little Power Bait grubs last year. The body is brown motor oil color while the tail is chartreuse. The smallmouth on my creek love them. We use these quite often and usually do pretty well on them.

With these you can again use a regular hook or jig head. I use a regular hook along with some split shot.

You can slowly reel these back to you, or you can play them a bit by occasionally letting them sink and giving them a jerk here and there.

Please Share Your Favorite Baits and Lures!

Again I welcome everyone to share what they like to use for fishing. It doesn't have to be for just bass, I welcome input for all kinds of fish!


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