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What Manning in Denver Means for Tebow

Updated on March 19, 2012

Manning's Weapons in Denver.

The drama is finally over! Peyton Manning announced today that he will be signing with the Denver Broncos. The terms of the contract haven't been solidified, but most likely will be in the neighborhood of five years and around $90 million. Being from Indianapolis it's still going to take some time getting used to seeing him in a different uniform, but at least we can all start the adjustment process knowing he will be in orange and blue.

So let's take a look at who Manning will have to work with in the Rockies. Demaryius Thomas seems like he can be a legitimate number one threat for Denver, so look at him like a Marvin Harrison. (Not saying he is even close to that caliber, just speaking analogically). If Thomas is Harrison, then Eddie Royal will have to play the role of Reggie Wayne, and Eric Decker will play Austin Collie/Brandon Stokley. It's still hard to say if these were truly elite players or if Peyton made them that much better. I guess we'll see how the Bronco receivers perform this season under Manning to gain a better perspective on this argument.

Manning also has a good running game with McGahee and Moreno, but McGahee is at the back end of his career, so his window is closing quickly. There's still a lot left to be determined in free agency and the draft, so the Broncos will work hard to add talent around their new star. There are still a few good power backs out there looking for a new team.

What This Means For Tebow

Tebow-mania swept the nation last season as he led the Broncos to a playoff win over the Steelers. Oh how quickly we forget what you did for us yesterday. So where does Tebow go from here? There are a number of teams that could use his services. Some of the top teams that come to mind are Miami, Jacksonville, Cleveland, and possibly San Francisco. Yes I said San Francisco! Harbaugh and company may have all but burned ties with Alex Smith. If he signs with the Dolphins, the Niners are in serious trouble at the QB position and could use a guy like Tebow to come in and lead their offense. Harbaugh is a great coach who is able to get the most out of every player so I think this would actually be a good fit, especially with the talent he would have surrounding him. All the other teams mentioned don't have many weapons, so Tebow would find himself struggling to produce much in a lackluster offense.

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, this has been one of the most intriguing free agency periods in recent memory, and it's not over yet!

Where Will Tebow Play Next Year?

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    • Bigpayno profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Hey Steven, thanks for the comments! I hope Tebow does well too. He really is a great competitor that needs to become more polished as a passer. I think he has a high ceiling.

      I do plan on doing something on the draft if I have time to break everything down. I'm working on a paper for Psych Soc right now so that's my top

    • cleaner3 profile image


      6 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      Yesss, Go Bronco's!!!

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 

      6 years ago

      well i'm hoping alex smith resigns with the niners, and harbaugh manages to work things out with him. I think one of the reason why alex did so well last year was because it was the first time in his pro career that it seemed like the niners showed any confidence in him. Plus, he showed a lot of promise during last year's playoffs that i was kind of hoping that i think he could've improved even more in that system.

      i think the real reason why manning signed with denver over the niners is because he didn't want to be in the same conference as i his brother. as for the titans, i honestly didn't think they had a chance to sign him, as i thought he was only considering them was because he played college in tennesee, and because they were going to sign that one viking guard (sorry, i forget his name).

      therefore, i'm honestly not surprised by this move. since i heard that the dolphins were out of the race, i figured that denver would become the likely candidate. it's kind of a shame too, as I think the niners would've been unstoppable with Manning as their quarterback.

      as for tim tebow, i hope he does well wherever he goes, as he seems like a nice guy. unfortunately, i have my doubts about him....

      anyway, great write up putting all this together. were you going to do a hub on the nfl draft predictions by any chance?


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