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What People Do With Parachutes - The Guide To Skydiving Disciplines (+Videos)

Updated on August 16, 2010

Formation Skydiving

Have you seen them at the events? A number of people not just fearlessly falling from the sky but also catching each other hands, moving around, forming shapes...

This is called formation skydiving and is one of the skydiving disciplines that require a lot of training. 

People usually form group of 4, 8 or 16 skydivers and follow strict rules although in the recent years a bit more diversity and variety has been added. 

Style Skydiving

There is a parachuting discipline called Style. It's high speed parachuting and involves performing short actions in series. It's a competitive sport and skydivers often seek to achieve records.

Instead of trying to explain you in words, why don't you take a look at the video of these Italian skydivers?

Free Fly Skydiving

I like this - there are almost no rules in Free Fly skydiving! You can fly with head down and try to fly higher speed or you can fly like a swimmer or you can just do whatever you want (like the guy on the video).

Free Fly is great for beginners because it's not restricting you to specific figures but allows you to learn everything in parachuting (especially if you are not alone). 

Freestyle Parachuting

Don't confuse Freestyle with Free Fly - these are two different parachuting disciplines. There are rules in Freestyle, acrobatics and various actions typically performed from a single skydiver.

Usually there is another person with parachute who falls together with the free-styler and records his actions on camera. The result are videos like the one at right :)

Accuracy Landing

Accuracy landing is one of the disciplines which are same for skydiving and paragliding.

The goal in this discipline is to land as closely as possible to a pre-defined position. There is no limitation to what other discipline your jump could have involved before that, but usually skydivers don't mix two things in one jump.

B.A.S.E. Jump

Welcome to the dangerous stuff! B.A.S.E jumping is one of the craziest things people do with parachutes. It involves jumping from bridges, rocks, towers and whatever high thing they can find.

Sometimes people use jumpsuits to control the fall better and make it longer.

As you can see from the high quality video, sometimes BASE jumping looks totally sick!

Do you feel excited by these disciplines and videos? Cool. But don't forget that skydiving is an extreme sport and is risky. Better learn more about skydiving safety and take proper training before trying any of these.


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