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What to do for Guys' Night, Girls' Night

Updated on June 9, 2012
Girl problems stressing you out? Try a night with the guys.
Girl problems stressing you out? Try a night with the guys.

Show me the relationship where one partner doesn't need the occasional break from the other, and I'll show you my flying pig.

A guys'/girls' night is the perfect solution to those times when your relationship is threatening to overwhelm you, but that's not the only reason they're beneficial. Guys'/girls' nights give you the opportunity to spend time with the friends you haven't seen lately. They give guys the chance to get in touch with their tougher side and provide a way for all the girls to talk about what, how, and why Jessica did that thing with that guy last week.

Have your mind set on hangin' with the boys or spending time with the ladies, but are unsure of what to do? Keep reading for ideas! Be sure to comment and share how you spend your guys'/girls' night.

For a guys' night, the more soda, the better.
For a guys' night, the more soda, the better.

5 Guys' Night Ideas

1. Go to the movies. Remember when "The Hangover" was first released and you thought your girlfriend was crazy for not wanting to see it? Believe it or not, 'R' rated comedies full of crude humor are not girls' first choice of movies. Crazy, I know. So take advantage of the night with the boys and go see that movie that all girls seem to be avoiding. "Ted" and "The Campaign" are two soon-to-hit-theaters movies that are sure to please guys everywhere.

2. Raise 'em, hold 'em, fold 'em. There aren't many better feelings out there than taking money from your friends, who you know are idiots. So play poker! Unsure of the rules? Click here for the rules of poker. Know how to play and are looking to win? Here's some poker tips.

3. Game, eat and drink. Your girlfriend just doesn't appreciate how great Call of Duty really is. She doesn't understand why NBA 2K12 and Madden 2012 are so important, but that's okay: the guys get it. Grab a couple cases of Mountain Dew and your favorite junk food and spend the night gaming. Holding tournaments for the sports games is a great way to add a little competition to the evening.

4. Step up the competition. If gaming isn't your type of the competition, leave the house and get active. Get competitive with your buddies with 3v3 basketball tournaments, racket ball, pool, or any other sport you and your friends enjoy.

5. Sports games. No matter the season, there's bound to be a game on tonight that you and your friends can cheer and holler at. Load up on the food and root for your favorite team from the comfort of a couch. Or, find a restaurant where the game will be playing and enjoy watching the game with an even larger crowd. Either way, make sure there's plenty to eat; it's what we do best, after all.

For hairstyle ideas:

5 Girls' Night Ideas

1. Shop. It's my guess I don't kneed to explain this one to most girls out there. Start girls' night a little early and hit all your favorite stores. Shop around for all your favorite things--clothes, lip gloss, make-up, hair accessories, the works. Have fun modelling for each other and help out each other out with honest fashion tips.

2. Dine out and talk. Treat yourself tonight, ladies. Agree on a restaurant and then enjoy your favorite meal as you talk about anything and everything.

3. Make-over! Take turns giving each other make-overs, changing up everything from head to toe: practice new hairstyles, change your friend's entire outfit, apply new make-ups, and paint finger-and-toenails in interesting designs. Look through your favorite fashion magazines or Pinterest for ideas. Want to make it more interesting? Try doing a makeover while wearing a blindfold!

4. Snap, snap, snap! You know those make-overs you just did? Get in front of a mirror and start taking pictures! Do funny poses, dress up, wear crazy outfits and mess up your hair. Have fun with your friends as the pictures get crazier and crazier and then make the ultimate decision: can Facebook handle them?

5. Bring on the tears. Wear your comfiest sweatpants and have each lady bring their favorite 'chick flick'. Go from one tear-jerking show to the next as your heart goes through a variety of emotions, comforted by your favorite chocolate and/or ice cream.

Have fun!

Guys'/girls' nights are a great way to pass summer nights. Looking for more summer activities? Check out this list of 44 Things To Do This Summer.


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