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Ideas For How To Display Your Running Race Bibs And Medals

Updated on January 5, 2019
Picture submitted to RaceCenter NW by subscriber Jeff Slinger
Picture submitted to RaceCenter NW by subscriber Jeff Slinger | Source
5 stars for Race Bib Collage

If you are an avid runner and enter several races per year you probably have many race bibs and medals lying around your house.

Most Half Marathons and Marathons provide, along with the entry fee, a race shirt, a race bib and a medal for completing the race.

You earned these keepsakes with your hard work, dedication and sweat! Display your race bibs and medals to commemorate the races you have run.

Don't hang the medals on the end of a curtain rod in your bedroom or shove the race bibs in a shoebox at the back of the closet. Display them so they remind you every day of your achievements!

Recently I was reading an issue of RaceCenter Northwest and a subscriber, Jeff Slinger submitted a great idea to be able to display your medals and bibs.

The picture on the right shows how he turned the bibs into a wall collage and the medals are displayed on a magnetic hanging board.

These are just two of the ways to display your bling, but there are many more.

Decorate Your Christmas Tree!!

Make A Race Bib Collage

You can purchase a 24" x 48" or similar size canvas from a craft store. Then all you need is a bottle of decoupage glue and sealer.

To do it on the cheap you can consider buying a light piece of wood to glue the bibs to or even the cardboard backing used for posters will suffice.

Or simply arrange them behind the glass of a large picture frame or even under a glass topped coffee table or desk.

The important thing is to display them where you can see them and they will keep you motivated which they will not do if they are buried in a shoe box in the back of the closet.

Make A Magnetic Medal Display Board

You simply need a Magnet Board or a roll of Magnetic Tape. You can get these items at a Home Depot or similar store.

Disconnect the medal from the ribbons and slap them on the board. You can arrange them in any order that looks appealing.

This Doesn't Have To Be You

Not Classy and probably some kind of fire hazard!
Not Classy and probably some kind of fire hazard!
Turn Your Race Bibs Into Wallpaper
Turn Your Race Bibs Into Wallpaper

Turn Them Into WallPaper

Another idea is to simply staple gun the bibs to the wall in your exercise room or home office.

You may also purchase wallpaper glue and simply paste them to the wall making for a one of a kind personal race themed wallpaper.

This person even glued them to their ceiling!


Have Them Turned Into Bags

A company called Races R My Bag will turn you race bibs, or shirts into usable bags.

You just mail in your bibs or race shirts and they mail you back a completed bag.

Bags start at $40 and go up to over $100 so this is a bit of a pricey option.

The more crafty of you can likely figure out how to create these on your own for much less.

Race Bib Scrapbook
Race Bib Scrapbook

Scrapbook Them

You can make a scrapbook out of your race bibs.

You can even add print outs of the registration forms and maps of the route you ran during the race.

These can make for interesting keepsakes as you can arrange them by year and see your progress and accomplishments throughout your running career.

Someday, when you sitting around with your grandchildren, you can show off your running prowess and maybe convert them into lifelong runners!

Race Bib Coasters
Race Bib Coasters

Race Bib Coasters

The craft site Etsy has lots of items and ideas for displaying both your medals, bibs and shirts.

This is one of the more clever ways I have seen on their site, for $22 they will turn your race bib into coasters that will keep for years and years and lets all of your visitors know of your accomplishment! And you won't leave marks on your table when you enjoy your hard earned post race adult beverage!

Get race bib coasters made at Etsy.

Simply Purchase A Race Rack

If you're too tired from all the running you have been doing to make your own displays there are attractive displays you can purchase and have shipped to your home.

Simply hang the display on your wall at home or in your office and add medals as you get them.

Amazon has lots of selections of racks to choose from. And if you sign up for Amazon Prime you get free two day shipping! A trick is to sign up for the free trial, purchase the item to get the free shipping and then cancel the subscription if you don't like it. Or decide to keep it, personally I love Amazon Prime as I can find almost anything I want on their, I even purchased a bike and it was shipped free and at my door two days later.

And let's face it, you're a runner, shoes, shorts, jackets, sweatpants, socks; the list is endless of the items you buy for running throughout the year, the Amazon Prime membership will pay for itself by month two.

Collages hung in a hallway by year.
Collages hung in a hallway by year.

Organize Them By Year

If you're like me and run two or more races a month you could even start making separate collages or displays for each year. Displays for 2011 and 2012 for instance, and be working and adding to a current one for 2013.

There definitely is a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes with adding more race swag to your collection however you choose to display it.

There will be times in your running career where it will be pouring down rain the morning of your race and the difference between getting out of bed or going back to sleep may come down to a desire to get another medal or race bib for your collection.

You can even keep it simple and make a collage using your bibs from each year using a simple poster frame.

Turn your race shirts into a quilt
Turn your race shirts into a quilt

Don't Forget About The Shirts

Along with the medals and Race Bibs, you probably have twice the amount of race shirts hanging in the closet as they are given out at almost every race 5K and up.

These, of course are great to wear on your training runs or casually on the weekend but if you run a lot of races you likely have more than you need to wear.

A unique and fun thing to do with some of your shirts is to have them turned into a quilt.

Simply mail your race shirts into the Campus Quilt Company and they will mail you back a quilt.

Hang Them on the Wall!

At Racer Frames you can purchase frames for your bibs and make a shrine in your office or spare bedroom.

As the company states:

"Your race bib runs with you every mile of the race. Once you cross the finish line, it is transformed into a precious personal artifact - a piece of art - a tribute of your grand achievement. Hang it on the wall, let it inspire and motivate you, your friends and family, everyday, to race another day and live life to the fullest."

Purchase one frame for your favorite race bib or buy several frames at a discount and frame your entire collection of race bibs.

Christmas Ornaments

One of the easiest things to do with your medals is to turn them into Christmas Ornaments.

Simply remove the ribbon and then use some heavy gauge wire to make a hanger.

They are great conversation starters if you will be hosting holiday parties in your home or office.

Race medals do tend to be heavy so make sure you use a thicker wire when making your hanging hook.

Use Your Bling As Motivation

However you decide to display your medals and race bibs put them in an area of your home where they can provide you some motivation.

Seeing how many races you have completed will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated to stay fit and healthy.

It will also serve as a great topic of conversation for people visiting your home, and who knows, it may motivate someone else who sees it to start running also.

How Many Race Have You Completed In Your Lifetime?

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    • profile image


      2 days ago

      I have a small artisan company that turns your race medals into beautiful hardwood drink coasters. check us out!

    • shuck72 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks Asherruth. I wish I had a good idea for tech shirts. They just hang in the back of my closet. I find most of them to be too gawdy to wear. I actually wish more races had the option of opting out of the shirt and saving $20 or so dollars on the registration.

    • asherruth profile image


      7 years ago

      Great ideas, I have so many of these bib number and medals! We gave one medal away to a little boy we know with Duchennes', a rare form of M.D. We will either have to display the rest or give them away too. Any ideas for race T-shirts? I keep the tech shirts, these are useful for runs, but the cotton race T's are clogging up drawer space.

    • Dallan Manscill profile image

      Dallan Manscill 

      7 years ago from NORTH SALT LAKE

      I have a ton of bibs from races. This is a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing


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