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The Barry Bonds Saga: What To Say To The Kids

Updated on May 17, 2011

What do you say to the young baseball players about the Barry Bonds saga (As of May 14, 2008, Barry Bonds faces 15 charges on his indictment for perjury)?

I think it's an opportunity to teach our children a lesson. It won't be the usual "teach kids baseball" discussion but an opportunity to get some very important points across. Here they are:

  • Barry Bonds is a great baseball player. Period! He was great before he even did steroids.
  • Steroids for athletes is bad and illegal! Everyone knows this!
  • It appears Barry Bonds has lied to the judge and he may go to jail. That's the latest according to the revised indictment.
  • He is not GUILTY YET! He still has his day in court!
  • Look closer to home for a role model: your mom or dad and teachers are a good place to start. Enough said here!
  • Cheating to get ahead is not worth it. You need hard work, practice and dedication. This one has to be tough for kids to understand because it takes so long to see results!
  • Talk to your parents about things; anything that's on your mind. Parents need to explain the fact that everything you hear is not true. This is a good opportunity to open the communication line with the young ones; there's a common ground here - Baseball!
  • Everybody makes mistakes; some make bigger ones, but we all make mistakes. This is not an excuse for his actions, however.
  • If your guilty of a crime you have to pay the consequences.

This unfortunate situation will be all over the news in the near future. So when the kids start asking questions use it to teach a lesson.

What do you think? Any other ideas?


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