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What Will LeBron Do This Offseason?

Updated on February 13, 2018

The Cavs

The Cavs

The Cavs, overall, have gone back and forth. From looking like a literal contender with the Warriors to seeming as if Kyrie Carried them the last three years. All in al, the Cavs haven’t looked amazing but at the same time can you really say they have been bad? At the start of the year they were supposed to steam role their way through the east and lose to the Warriors in the NBA Finals, but now Boston seems to be the favorite to lose in the Finals. But the question is: With the Cavs and the NBA the way it is, will LeBron accept his player option or go to free agency? My opinion of this is, I have absolutely no idea. If you asked me at the beginning of the year I would’ve said “Yes, no debate.” At LeBron looks pissed off but, thankfully more recently, he looks happy. (The photo above was when the Cavs blew out the Celtics by 22 points) At the beginning of the year the Cavs were bringing out The walking glass cup Derrick Rose at the point, D-Wade At the shooting guard position, LeBron at small forward, Kevin Love at power forward, and Tristan Thompson at center. Now, when Isaiah Thomas came back he showed flashes of his original greatness, but overall he only hurt the team. So, the day of the trade deadline, the Cavs made significant moves and traded literally half of their team. The trade included the Cavs giving up Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, Jae Crowder, D-Wade, Derrick Rose, and Iman Shumpert (AKA the walking brick). Those players have an average age of 31 years old, in all honestly getting rid of them was the beat the Cavs could’ve done, expeccially when they got back 4 players win an average age of 27. Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance from the Lakers, and Rodney Hood and George Hill from the Jazz. Now the Cavs trot out a starting lineup of Cedi Osman, George Hill, LeBron James, JR Smith, and Tristan Thompson. The cavs has to make a move, and they made the right one.

Before the trade the Cavs hated each other, they would bicker and fight on and off the court. Now with this bew roster, they have young players who will do what LeBron wants to win, instead of veterans who want to be the first option.

Min Jordan Clarkson’s first game he had 17 points, 2 steals, 3 rebounds, 1 assists, on 7-11 shooting. The new four combined for a total of 49 points, showing they can work together and the overall team showed great chemistry. The Cavs just need to Resign LeBron, hope Kevin Love comes back from injury, and see if they can clear up some cap space and sign someone in free agency or make a blockbuster trade.

Where They Stand

How Do They Stack Up?

Of course the Warriors are still at the top of the NBA, but the question is where do the Cavs stack up? The Cavs are now ranked fourth in the power rankings, and for some idiotic reason the Warriors are apparently the third best team in the NBA? The Cavs can stand up to the Warriors, but that’s all they can do, stand up. Odds are they would lose in 5 or 6 games to the warriors if they meet in the Finals. Boston has showed they can beat the Warriors, Houston has as well. So do the Cavs stand up to them? Of course they do, infact would net good money they would beat the Rockets in 6 or 7 games if they meet, and the Celtics in 5 or 6 games if they meet. Overall, the Cavs dont have the best chance to beat the Warriors, but they can beat they teams who can beat the Warriors. The Cavs place third in the East behind 1st place Toronto and second place Boston, all the Cavs need to do is get their team in shape and make sure they like playing with each other and they, with a heart attack of luck, can beat the Warriors. Everyone else is a little challenge for the Cavs and can be routed by them easily, but the Warriors is their only challenge. Again, but the Thunder have gone 2-0 against them and neither game was even close, so they could be knocked out before the finals, or the Spurs could do it, or the Rockets could do it.

What LeBron Needs

What LeBron Needs

LeBron will be 35 next year, so he can’t wait for a full rebuild of the Cavs. He needs a team he can go to and be an immediately title contender, originaly it was the Lakers he wanted to go to, but Lonzo Ball has struggled the entire year and now their players are old and washed up. The Warriors have absolutely no cap space with their big 4 making 20 million dollars plus each, and Curry making 33 million in cap space. The rockets have the same problem, they don’t ha e enough cap space, although they could drop Eric Gordon and some other players but then could they stand up to the Warriors with key role players and bench players no longer on the team? And LeBron won’t take a salary hit big enough for that not to happen, he wants a ring but he wants money more. He would take 35 million a year over 4 or 5 rings any day. Now, what I think he should do is stay with the Cavs, take a salary of only 22 million, then have the Cavs drop all their bench players who are making 10 million dollars for riding the bench. LeBron needs a super team, so he needs to recruit players like Demarcus Cousins, Paul George, and Clint Capela to sign with the Cavs.

What The Cavs Need to do

The Cavs need a superstar to backup LeBron and Love, they to shed salary and get LeBron to take a salary hit. They need a better shooting guard, point guard, and center, pickup Demarcus Cousins then trade for someone like Eric Gordon. It won’t be easy, but that’s what the Cavs need to do and it’s obvious. The Cavs could become an actual dynasty if they do this. Trade up for someone good in the draft like Trae Young and you don’t need a point guard, sign Demarcus and there, your team is even better than the Warriors. Actually, they won’t need to trade up they have the Brooklyn Nets pick, projected to be top 7 in the draft. There really isn’t any reason LeBron wouldn’t stay, anywhere else and he can’t get a championship. No team has enough cap, or if they shed players they wouldnt have enough key role players that really contribute to compete with the Warriors. LeBron‘s only chance to get another ring is with the Cavs, and he could get more than just one. The Cavs need to get rid of JR Smith, Tristan Thompson, then get LeBron to take a Salary hit of around 8 million. There ya go, 35 million in cap space is freed up, sign Demarcus Cousins or Clint Capela, draft Trae Young and the rest is history. It sounds simple and that’s because it is, but as simple as it may be it’s hard to do. First off, Demarcus has to not resign with the Pelicans, then they need to actually be able to trade JR and Tristan, and of course the biggest one, resign LeBron James with a salary hit. They also need to put as much budget as they can into getting free agents to come to Cleveland, and that won’t be easy. But hey, atleast it’s not Detroit! But jokes aside, the Cavs need to shed cap and resign LeBron or they have absolutely no chance at even the eastern conference finals let alone the NBA finals.

My Predictions

LeBron won’t resign, the Cavs won’t do anything I said, they will trade away the Nets pick for washed up veterans like Vince Carter, and they will demolish their cap space and give the players who don’t play a single minute 10 million dollars, there ya go.

A little exaggeration but my point still stands, Cleveland teams have been the definition of incompetence for the past decades, and the Cavs are no different. They overpay everyone, they give out contract extensions like Oprah gives out cars, and they trade away key assets that could possibly land them future NBA Hall of Famers, they also drafted Anthony Bennet over Giannis and Oladipo, I am still imennsely pissed off at that. I will never understand why they gave a 32 year old JR Smith who can’t do anything but shoot threes a contract in the first place.

You cant take the Cleveland out of a franchise, can you?

Will LeBron Resign?

Will LeBron resign?

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    • Ty Tayzlor profile image

      TT 2 months ago from Anywhere

      LeBron's done with Dan Gilbert's BS. I don't think he's going to the Lakers like everyone is saying, but I can't picture him staying in Cleveland