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What You Need To Know About Fishing

Updated on June 20, 2010

The Main Type Of Fishing

Fishing is a pretty much fun activity, and to some people, a cruel form of activity. To me, Fishing is both a patience and thrilling game to be involved in. It involves a bit of luck when coming to fishing, I have experienced before getting a net full of fishes while the fisherman beside me just left empty handed after a whole day of attempts. Basically, there are few main types of fishing we will be looking into today.

Lure Fishing

So, What is Lure Fishing about? Lure fishing is basically the retrieval of lure and casting of it over and over again till a fish bites your lure. This is pretty much a tiring process as compared to Surf Cast Fishing, which I will talk about later on.The disadvantage of lure fishing is that one have to be active all the time, because if the lure is stationery and doesn't move, no fish would be biting it. However, the thrill of lure fishing is much more better than surf cast fishing, you have to experience it yourself to understand why.

Hand Fishing

As the name suggests, it is fishing that involves using hands and it usually contains weights and sometimes perhaps a reel. Unlike normal fishing, hand line fishing requires no reels at all and the fish is lifted using the powers of your bare hands. This form of fishing provides more fun for the fishers.

Fishes can be found everywhere, even in here :)
Fishes can be found everywhere, even in here :)


It is a way of fishing whereby allowing the metal lure to "move by itself" through the sailing of boat in order to attract fish. This form of fishing is especially popular for getting those big fishes such as Marlin and tuna.

Bow Fishing

This is more cruel form of fishing to some, and thrilling/fun activity to others. Bow fishing as the name suggests, is simply using a bow and shooting arrows at the fish, this type of fishing is different from the normal fishing that one does and requires more skill. Normally, fishes which are being hit by the arrow have zero chances of survival.

Surf Cast Fishing

Surf Cast Fishing is basically using a long rod and throwing out your attached baits far out into the sea and awaits for the fishing to be hooked up to your baits. Unlike lure fishing where one have to be active, one could just attach a bell to the tip of the rod, and do his own stuffs such as reading magazine, eating food etc. When the bell is ringing heavily, it's a huge indication that a fish is on, and its time to fight the fish.


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    • Rockstarhobbo profile image

      Rockstarhobbo 7 years ago

      Fishing is fun if you're really interesed in it , thanks for the positive comment :D

    • websclubs profile image

      websclubs 7 years ago

      It is fun fishing. Interesting hub. Thanks