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What You Need To Know About Step Platform Exercise

Updated on May 3, 2011
Working out with Step Aerobics is not so hard
Working out with Step Aerobics is not so hard | Source

What You Need to Know First

Cardio workouts are used by fitness trainers and experts around the world. There are many kinds of cardio workout programs including step aerobics that help in building a person’s muscle tone and burning off the calories. A person can also benefit from added cardio and blood circulation from the activities. 

If you are wondering what step aerobics is, here are some important facts to consider. If you are looking for a way to burn fat and gain some muscles, well, you have found it. On the other side, this involves some sports activities, so don’t think to get what you want so easily. Step aerobics is usually accompanied by the music and the instructor, of course. It’s up to you whether you are going to have real classes of the to buy a DVD with all the instructions and the guidance within. They all can have the good and the bad sides. For example, it you purchase the DVD, you’ll get to do the exercises whenever you want and you don’t have to spend so much money on visiting the aerobic classes. But, if we look from the other angle, there is no better way to learn something than get to know someone who is really into that king of exercises. The instructors are usually very well prepared and they are eager to pass all that knowledge to other people. They can teach you the particular moves and even repeat some of those, if needed. The thing is, the both ways are good enough for those who are really determined to do practice this daily.

What to Look For

There are many different kinds of step benches on the market with different unique features, the key to getting the right workout bench is to look for key features such as the following:

- Sturdy, anti-slip platform: This is important for you when you are working out. You may be required to move up and down a lot and if the platform is not secure, you will slip and this could lead to serious injury. Look for platforms that are made of polyethylene or rubber with a grip surface. These are the best step bench materials

- Large yet Small – Your workout programs may require you to have to move to different locations such as the gym or a fitness center or even at home. Most of the home designed step benches come in sizes of about 14 x 40 inches, with a rank height of about 6 inches. There are models that have several ranks that are designed for more intense workouts, the key is to make sure the one you select is ideal for the aerobic step aerobics that you plan on doing.

Height adjustable – The aerobics step aerobics trainer bench should be height adjustable, this is important and essential if you plan on working out with some intense workout programs. Your fitness instructor or physician should be able to assist you in making the final decision

The step platform exercise

The step platform exercise is a routine exercise that is done on the step bench that is raised up allowing for the body to have to raise itself up with every step. It is a routine method that can be found in many exercise programs and fitness methods. It helps in building the leg muscle in particular because of the lumber support that is needed by the body when it steps up onto the platform or bench. The step aerobics bench is usually made of sturdy, durable material that allows the legs to find the support needed to step up.

Most of the step platform exercises not only build the muscle through simple yet fulfilling exercise methods but also increase blood circulation which is good for stress relief and to get the brain’s metabolism higher. The step platform will also in a subtle way assist in working on the leg muscles to strengthen them to be able to have less pain. Most step aerobics done today is done using choreography of some sort so music will play a huge part in the success of the aerobics platform exercise.

The key to getting all that you want out of a workout program is to follow the instructor and take all the correct measures to ensure, body safety. If you have certain health challenges, a consultation with your physician will help you before you even start out. IN addition, you should also do your best to find a workout partner, where possible.


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