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What You Need To Start Indoor Rock Climbing

Updated on March 1, 2016
Climbing Wall
Climbing Wall | Source

Introduction To Rock Climbing

Why Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be a lot of fun, and is good for physical fitness, and adrenaline, but if you are new to rock climbing the whole thing can be a bit scary. Nothing in the world can beat indoor rock climbing for a beginner. Not only can you learn the skills you need in a safe environment, but you can also learn what your body can do and build self-esteem.

Most climbing gyms will offer climbs to heights from 20-60 feet with a top rope. The top rope will be attached to a bolt in the ceiling and run down to the belayer that will be attached to a belay device on the end. The climber will be tied onto the other end of the rope. The belayer will remain on the floor, taking in the slack of the rope as the climber ascends, and will also aid the climber during the descent. The belayer will also have the option to be bolted to the floor if the weight difference between the climber and the belayer is to grate.

Most gyms will rent rock climbing gear for you, but if for some reason yours' does not, or you feel the need to buy your own then you will need these items.

Gear | Source


The Gear You Need

- Harness
The harness is one if not the most import piece of gear for a climber and is needed for both indoor and outdoor climbing. It should be comfortable to wear, and should not cut off circulation to the legs, and also, it should be easy to use.

- Locking Carabiner
The locking Carabiner is needed to attach your belay device to your harness and is the most inexpensive piece of gear you will buy. I recommend getting a Keylock nose locking Carabiner, but whatever you are most comfortable with will work for indoor climbing.

- Climbing Shoes
Climbing shoes should fit tight, but not be painful. You should not wear socks with your climbing shoe unless you are renting them, then only wear a thin pair socks. I recommend on buying a softer climbing shoes, so you’ll be able to get a better feel of the wall better and improve your grip.

- Belay Device
I recommend on getting a Tubular for new climbers as they are light and easy to use, and can work with many kinds of rope they can also be used for rappelling.

- Chalk and Chalk bag
You will need a lot of chalk it helps improve grip and keeps the hands dry to avoid slipping. If you buy nothing else on this list you should go ahead and buy this.

If climbing at a gym does not feel like something you might want to try you could always build a small wall in your home by mounting training holds or fingerboards to the strong wall. This will let you practice until you feel you are strong enough to try a gym or outdoor climbing.


The Climber

The Belayer


A word about safety while indoor rock climbing is the safest you should always practice safe climbing habits. You should always stretch before and after a climb. You will be lifting and pulling our body weight in ways your body is not used to you do not want to hurt yourself because you forgot to stretch.

While climbing you always need to be checking that your figure 8 knot is tied properly That your harness is buckled, and that the rope is in the connection points of your harness.I do not care if you are 1 foot off the ground are 500 you need to be doing you safety checks all the time. Do not rely on someone else for your safety. Do yourself and be responsible for yourself. Learn to tie your knots, and check your knots it is the only way you can ensure that it is done properly.


Climbing Techniques 1

Climbing Techniques 2

A Few Tips

Some other tips to help you start indoor rock climbing is to remember it is not just your arms you climb with but mostly your legs. You should always use your legs to push yourself up not your arms to pull yourself up with.

Use your core, just like in any other sport keeping your core engaged will prevent you from straining your back and possibly injuring yourself.

It is ok to be scared of heights and/or of falling. It should not stop you from trying rock climbing use that fears to aid you in making safe choices and doing your safety checks.

You got to trust your belayer, they are there to help you and as long as you do your part they will not let you get hurt. You cannot climb without some kind of trust. If for someone reason you cannot trust the belayer you have you can find a friend or request a new one.

If you ever decided to take your climbing outdoors, remember that it is a dangerous sport, and no matter how good you are indoors you may not be prepared for an outdoor climb. Indoor rocks are not the same as outdoor, so make sure you get training and hire a guide to help you cross over. To make your first climb outdoors as safe as you can.


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About Outdoor Climbing

Rock climbing whether it is indoors or out is defiantly one of the most fun things one can do, and as long as you take the time to learn the correct way to do things, get the training you need, practice and take it slow it can be safe. Don't be afraid to ask for help when need it or feel that you need to show off. Rock climbing is a great way to meet new people, price new adventure, have amazing stories to tell your friend and family, and to fall in love with nature like you never have before. I wish you good luck and safe adventure as I know you about to embark on a new journey that I'm sure you will love.

Warning: Reading this article and or watching these videos does not make you a rock climber. If you're new to climbing, seek out professional instruction, and training.


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