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What You Need to Know About the 2015 MLB Postseason. Does It Run Too Late? Vote Now

Updated on August 18, 2015
Luke Norris profile image

Luke Norris is a freelance writer whose work has been read in 58 countries. For more, visit his blog, The Luke Norris Experience.

Major League Baseball released its 2015 postseason schedule on Monday, revealing that Game 7 of the World Series, if necessary of course, would be played on November 4th. Only three times in the long history of baseball has the Fall Classic spilled over into November. Five years ago, the Giants clinched the first of their three recent titles by defeating the Texas Rangers on Game 5 on November 1st. In 2009, the final three games were played in November, with the New York Yankees winning Game 6 on November 4th. It should be noted that the regular season started late that year due to the World Baseball Classic. The most memorable instance, and arguably the only one that made any sense, occurred in 2001. Following the September 11th terrorist attacks, Major League Baseball shut down for nearly a week, with the World Series between the Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks not beginning until October 27th. Game 7 was played in Arizona on November 4th.

Before breaking down a few of the playoff contenders that playing in November might affect, here's the schedule for each and every possible playoff game.

American League Wild Card

Tuesday, October 6-ESPN

National League Wild Card

Wednesday, October 7-TBS

American League Division Series (both series)

Game 1: Thursday, October 8

Game 2: Friday, October 9

Game 3: Sunday, October 11

*Game 4: Monday, October 12

*Game 5: Wednesday, October 14

*-if necessary

(All games to be aired on FOX, Fox Sports 1, or MLB Network)

National League Division Series (both series)

Game 1: Friday, October 9

Game 2: Saturday, October 10

Game 3: Monday, October 12

*Game 4: Tuesday, October 13

*Game 5: Thursday, October 15

*-if necessary

(All games to be aired on TBS)

American League Championship Series

Game 1: Friday, October 16

Game 2: Saturday, October 17

Game 3: Monday, October 19

Game 4: Tuesday, October 20

*Game 5: Wednesday, October 21

*Game 6: Friday, October 23

*Game 7: Saturday, October 24

*-if necessary

(All games to be aired on FOX or Fox Sports 1)

National League Championship Series

Game 1: Saturday, October 17

Game 2: Sunday, October 18

Game 3: Tuesday, October 20

Game 4: Wednesday, October 21

*Game 5: Thursday, October 22

*Game 6: Saturday, October 24

*Game 7: Sunday, October 25

*-if necessary

(All games to be aired on TBS)

World Series

Game 1: Tuesday, October 27

Game 2: Wednesday, October 28

Game 3: Friday, October 30

Game 4: Saturday, October 31

*Game 5: Sunday, November 1

*Game 6: Tuesday, November 3

*Game 7: Wednesday, November 4

*-if necessary

(All games to be aired on FOX)

If the playoffs were to start today, the teams that would make the postseason would be the Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Toronto Bluejays, and Baltimore Orioles from the American League and the St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Chicago Cubs from the National League. The American League holds the home-field advantage this year due to their victory in July's All-Star Game, so let's see how the average temperature would affect Game 7 if the series were to go that far.

Average temperature on November 4th

Kansas City-average high 61, average low 42

New York-average high 58, average low 45

Houston-average high 76, average low 58

Toronto-average high 49, average low 36

Baltimore-average high 62, average low 46

It should be noted that temperatures would not be a factor in Houston and Toronto, as the Rogers Centre and Minute Maid Park have the option to close their respective roofs. Knowing that all World Series games will not start until at least 8:00 PM Eastern, you're looking at some very possible cold nights in the other three cities. I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility for a few flurries in New York either. So how do the National League cities match up? If the series were to go beyond four games, the only November game would be played on November 1st.

Average temperature on November 1st

St. Louis-average high 63, average low 40

Los Angeles-average high 76, average low 56

New York-average high 59, average low 46

Pittsburgh-average high 57, average low 40

Chicago-average high 56, average low 41

There are no dome options here. A Game 5 in Los Angeles would probably be quite pleasant, but the other four cities would be quite chilly when the sun goes down.

So here comes the inevitable argument. Is the baseball season too long? Many have called for the schedule to be reduced from 162 back to 154. Some have called for an even 150. Sure, the extra wildcard spot adds a couple days to the schedule, but that seems to be okay with most fans as it creates more excitement towards the end of the season with more teams having a chance to make the playoffs. Would eliminating a week from the season change that format? Would that go from a one-game playoff to a best two out of three? Would the divisional series become a best of seven as opposed to a best of five? Should the season just start earlier? And is anyone really ever watching the World Baseball Classic when it rolls around? One thing is for certain. If a World Series game gets snowed out, these might just become actual discussions in the MLB offices.

Where do you come out on this? Should baseball be played in November?

(all temperature averages are thanks to

Should the World Series run into November?

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    • Luke Norris profile image

      Luke Norris 2 years ago

      Fair enough brother. And a big shout out to Madison. I used to go up there often for business. Great town.

    • profile image

      James Trentadue 2 years ago from Madison, WI.

      Cancel baseball alltogether. I quit watching in 1994.