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What You Should Know About Football Trading Strategies

Updated on July 22, 2010

What You Should Know About Football Trading Strategies

 Football trading is very popular with football lovers.  The reason why people engage in football trading is to make money.  There are various football trading strategies.  One is what is known as trading up.  You are required to have depth in this particular strategy.  The trick is for you to trade two players that you already have in your team who you consider good, for one who is outstanding from another team.  Say for instance that you have in your team three running backs, but only two vacant running back spaces.  You would not be able to get the full value of your roster.  You may be able to maximize the team’s total points and even improve the line up by trading the two running backs and getting one exceptional player.  Selling high is yet another strategy.  In this particular strategy, if you own one outstanding player, you may sell him off for the highest possible price the very first opportunity you get.

 Roster relief is tactic number three.  Every team has sleepers who are poor players but who may bust out after a short time.  If there are key players in your team that are due for byes and the sleepers are not performing, here is what you could do.  Seven days before a bye, publicize your player’s statistics to various clubs in the league.  Subsequently, trade a sleeper for a player who has already had their bye week.  The rationale behind this is that numerous club owners fail to factor in this specific bye week when trading.

 One more trading strategy is Betfair.  It is well liked.  You can trade and lay bets in Betfair.  With Betfair you are guaranteed of making profits irrespective of the outcome.  Accordingly, it offers more flexibility.  You can learn how to use Betfair on the internet.  This is convenient because you can do it from the comfort of your living room.  You could also hire professional to tutor you on how to employ.  The internet is the appropriate for you to begin especially if you are a first timer who wishes to learn how to trade.  There are numerous sites on the internet providing information on the different football trading strategies.  Some even go a step further and provide tutorials to help you trade effectively.  Make sure you understand the tactics prior to putting then into practice.  What is more, select the strategy that you are sure will work for you.


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