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What age range are basketballs designed for?

Updated on September 27, 2010

What age range are basketballs designed for?


It can be very difficult to choose the right basketball for some one.


Below is an explanation on the different sizes and who they are aimed at.


Starting with the biggest ball size 7, a professional size 7 ball is based for men and is used in men’s professional games.  The exact specifications for these balls are as follows.  The ball will be 29.5 inches in circumference and have a weight of 22 ounces.  


The next size down is size 6 this ball is used in Women’s Professional basketball the exact specifications for this ball will be 28.5 inches in circumference and will weight 20 ounces.


There are also smaller sizes which are size 5 and even size 3 these are junior balls and are not used in professional games but are perfect for home use for children.


The materials of the basketballs themselves does not matter on the age of the user providing you follow the provisions of the ball for example if the ball is going to be used outdoors then make sure you get a ball which is compatible with outdoor conditions.  

Thomas Staton - A Basketball and Outdoor Games expert


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