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What are The Baltimore Ravens Chance This Year?

Updated on August 5, 2014

Steve Smith in his retaliative new Ravens Jersey

4 Reason Why the Ravens Are Playoff Bound

The Baltimore Ravens finish with a upsetting record last year going 8-8, any true fans know that is no where near the Baltimore Ravens standards. Last year you could only blame the running, and passing game for the majority of the losses the occur last year. While I thought Bernard Pierre could handle more of the workload while Ray Rice was injured, needless to say I was sadly disappointed. While Wider Reciver Torrey smith step up his game, and a so-so supporting cast behind him with Jacoby Jones, Ted Ginn, and Marlon Brown. The offense produce a mediocre passing game with Joe Flacco at the Head, which I have to say I saw improvement in the QuaterBack Joe Flacco Reads, and decision making. Even Though his stats does not show it, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and blame it the absents of Dennis Pitta, and the Ravens awful O-line lasts year which was riddle with injuries.

This year is a New promising year in which the ravens could reach the top of the pinnacle again this year. I have four points, in why the ravens could be in better shape than were last year.

1. Linebackers

The Ravens have a long tradition of having a strong Linebacking crop, even with removal of the was-walking-legend of Ray Motherfucking Lewis, this year should be no different.

Starting with the Outside Linebacker, Terrel Suggs, and Elivs Dumervil, and Courtney Upshaw(Rotational between Elvis and Courtney) . Terrel and Elvis which together totaled 19 sacks last year. These 2 vets have a good track record and even in their older age still have the motor to get the job done. Courtney Upshaw is run stopper who is heading into his third season, in which he can only get better. Next is the Inside Linebacker; Darly Smith, and C.J. mosely, Darly Smith was a nice surprise last year in filling the absent of Ray Lewis. Darly Smith is more of coverage Linebacker, than a overall all beast. While C.J. who looks nfl ready in his rookie season; C.J. got the start over Arthur Brown which say a lot by itself.

2. Secondary

This year secondary Looks pretty solid. Even with the lost of Ed Reed the opposing teams still have hard time throwing it long on the ravens.

Starting with the CB duo of Jimmy Smith and Lardarius Webb. Jimmy Smith finally lived up to first round potential while staying healthy. And Ladarius Webb come backing in his 2 years from ACL tear which he should return back into his 2011 form (He was a stud that year) with 20 pass deflections and 5 ints. Next is are safety positions which are both unproven but still have a lot of potential with Matt Elam at Strong Safety position and Terrence Brooks which in his rookie year at Free Saftey. But I have no worries because Dean Pees who the ravens Defensive Coordinator have a knack in developing secondary talent.

3. New Weapons

With Offense hold backing the team last year, they decided to add new weapons to arsenal with the immortal Steve Smith, and Owen Daniels. Steve Smith name hold weight in the nfl, as a panther fan, and ravens fan this acquisition was like dream come true, I still pinch myself just incase i was dreaming. Steve Smith and Owen Daniels add 2 soild dependable weapons, Owen Daniels was already part of Kubiak(Offensive Coordinator) system so he can only helps other adjust to the new system so there will be less kinks to workout. Steve Smith is fountain of knowledge with his 5'9 stature and he still able to dominate he must have some tips to help develop the young Wide receiving talent on the team.

4. In General

The system of the new offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak, rely on strong run game, and play action. The Ravens are known for having a strong Run game, and with the return of healthy Ray Rice and more seasoned Bernard Pierce, and a healthy offensive line the run game can see a huge improvement in production. Joe Flacco play action game is also strong, this was a perfect merge between players and coordinator.

The best thing about the Baltimore ravens is that they have plenty of depth at Wide receiver, Tight End, and Runningback, Outside Linebacker, Defensive End this give the starter more time to catch their breath and when player are more aware they can avoid injuries more often.

The ravens Offensiveline is back healthy, Ray Rice is also healthy and 10 pound lighter, which I believe will give him that special something he was missing from last season. Lardarius Webb(if can stay healthy, with his back) is two year remove from his ACL.

The Defensive Line is also strong this year with Haloti Ngata at Nose Tackle, Chris Canty, and Brandon Willams at Defensive End. These guy are big bruiser Haloti Ngata can be moved any where on the defensive line and still dominate. Brandon Williams is big guy but more of pass rusher, and Chris Canty who is a solid player.

Player to look out for!

Look out for these few players to make a splash this new season.

Brandon Williams DT which is a third rounder from last year draft who have tremendous upside.

Pernell Mcphee Outside Linerbacker who show flashes of greatness his rookie season three years ago but still need to prove himself.

Chyike Brown Cornerback which should take over the third cornerback so you will see him in a lot of nickle packages.

Kyle Juszczyk "Juice" which is a FullBack who took over the spot of Vonta Leach is the best FullBack in league. Crockett Gilmore a Tightend who is 6'6 and know for being a blocker, but also have tools to threat in the passing game.

Marlon Brown Wide Receiver who is more of end zone threat, and who had majority of the passing Touchdown last season if he improves more on his fundamentals could be a star in the NFL.

Also how can I forget Justin Tucker the Kicker for the ravens and ravens MVP last season, without this guy the Ravens season would be at a worst standing. I predict the ravens have another 10+ win season, and playoff berth.

Where Do You See The Baltimore Ravens?

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Video of Terrel Suggs DPOY season

© 2014 Victor


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