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Spurring something is sometimes necessary, especially our self. What is a spur? Spurs are more about attitude than funct

Updated on March 12, 2013

Only one left. That is mine. What a ride life is.

I wonder what my mom did with the other one.
I wonder what my mom did with the other one. | Source

Listen to the jingle jangle of the spurs. I rewrote this because my 3 year old got interested.

The cowboy walked down the dusty street and up onto the dirt covered wooden sidewalk. There a distinctive swagger and more so a distinctive sound. You see his spurs and two chains, one over his arch and one down low under his heel were excessive. He was not a real cowboy. He was a bronco buster.

I gotta tell you that he favored his right side a bit from having busted up his left a bit. He had some handsome scares and he spoke like a man that had read a great deal. This man’s tan was clearly creased by staring into the sun. His hair held a remarkable blonde tint from bleaching in the sun. I guess they never did build a corral or arena in the shade. Our man is and was a rare breed, a horse whisperer and warrior and a solitary man.

Last I walked a wooden sidewalk was in a place called Mexicali. I reckon they are concrete now. The last time I saw a man with spurs on in the middle of town was an Navajo in about 1970.

Now I am not a good man by any means, but I can swear that I never did hurt no one, unless they had hurt me first. Spurs are for manipulating horses by the application of irritation or pain. You really ought to use zen instead and get into the animals head. But sometimes you have to get to work and use the spur.

My first work horse was Champion. And it was our job to keep others from going in and out of our gate. You kind of have to dance back and forth with a gentle swishing of the reigns and accentuate with a corresponding dig with the opposite spur. I think Champion thought I was too small to be taken seriously. So I had to wear the spurs to get attention. Funny thing about that because Champion was the smallest Paint I ever saw.

Wyatt Earp had this fellow outside his office in San Diego

Days gone by.
Days gone by. | Source

Hopefully we all get a little spurring from time to time.

The little old spurs were my first and fit on the heel end of my boot. I figure I was nearly 6 years old when I wore these. I reckon I liked those days. I know I loved Champion. But I always felt awkward about the spurs.

Later when I made a good penny out of wrangling I did not wear spurs.

So here is the low down on this show down. Forget spurs for horses, leave em alone. But a silver and gold jangling jewelry on your boots is likely to bring you good luck and pretty women.

As for that cowboy in the beginning:

My first place of cowboy work was on a place called the Miller Ranch. That cowboy worked on that ranch 40 years before me. Oh yes before I forget. The cowboy lived a long life under the handle of Tom Mix. He seldom would wear a gun and was well read because he was a Hollywood Movie star. Please do not judge a cowboy by his jingle.

I was just kidding about brands of spurs. The best spurs are hand made by your local blacksmith, so if you do not have one, don’t get spurs.


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