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What does this actually mean?

Updated on April 13, 2011

It's a travesty!

"Shane Watson hit a world-record 15 sixes in an unbeaten 185 as Australia belted Bangladesh."

This makes no sense to me and enrages my American sensibilities. Why can't other countries have the decency to stop doing all this silly un-American recreation? What? Baseball isn't good enough for you? Above quote for instance. I don't understand anything in that sentence except as individual words. Strung together in a sentence it confuses me and thus causes anger. God created Adam and Eve not...Cricket.

Clearly cricket serves no reproductive purpose and thus should be banned in any decent god fearing land. What people do in the privacy of their own stadiums is their business. But its business that should be legislated out of existence. I'm not saying that all players of this perverted "sport" should be round up and fed systematically into a chopping conveyor. I'm writing it. See? Remember when I wrote how I wasn't saying these perverts should be round up and killed horribly? It was just a second ago. See it? Clearly written and not said aloud.

Now I'm sure this is going to cause the Cricket Fan Hate Machine to go into full overdrive. Aren't the defenders of this atrocity against American, Christian, Caucasian, Capitalistic free market ...uh...biblical...decency, these purveyors of filth, aren't they the real hate mongers? In defending their right not to be crushed underneath the heel of my outrageous opinion are they not infringing on my right to oppress them? I say yes.

Look all I'm saying is that the founding fathers didn't play cricket. Now I haven't "researched" that statement the way some elitist, Harvard faculty, communist, homosexual, libtard might. I don't need to. My feelings come from god and god is love. All you need is love and thus clearly anything I might need to come to a completely accurate conclusion would also come from god. I cannot possibly be wrong. And if the founding fathers didn't do something then it simply should not be done.

My main point is that evolution is clearly a myth propagated by the radical dinosaur agenda in order to further their eventual resurrection via Jurassic Parkian methods. Why isn't the government preparing us for this? Ipso facto Cricket equals Dinosaurs. It's called logic.



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    • SpiffyD profile image

      SpiffyD 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Odd indeed.

    • beolens profile image

      beolens 6 years ago from UK

      Very odd.