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What is Ice Hockey?

Updated on August 20, 2010

What is Ice Hockey?

Nowadays Ice hockey, commonly referred to simply as hockey, is really popular. In some countries it is actually the one sport that enjoys the biggest popularity. This is a team sport that will always be played on an ice surface. Sticks are used by skaters in order to push pucks in one goal. This is one fast and really physical sport. In most cases a country that has hockey high on the popularity list is also a country that has colder environments. Very good examples can be Sweden, Finland, Russia and Canada. Ice Hockey is the official wintersport in Canada, the country from where everything actually started to become popular.

Ice hockey does have its origins a long time ago. Although they might not be seen like this the experts agree that modern ice hockey started to develop in Montreal. 1875 was the year in which the first ice hockey game was held indoors. As time did pass we saw an evolution in the game and we saw the first world championship being held in the year 1883. At the start of hockey teams had nine members and then seven members. Montreal City Hockey League then appeared after two years. By the time we reached 1893 there were over 100 hockey teams in Montreal alone. In USA we were seeing one similar sport in ice polo. Time did pass and all evolved to what we refer to today as professional ice hockey, one game really well received and loved.

Today we can see a lot of special protective equipment used to keep players as safe as possible. The reason for this is the many injuries that come with ice hockey. As skaters sometimes skate at over 40 KM per hour and we are faced with a really high contact game as a main attraction, serious injuries can happen. Unfortunately many players are sometimes forced to retire due to serious injuries suffered on the ice. Head injuries are especially damage and face cuts together with concussions are actually happening quite often.

Even if the brutality of the sport has been criticized there is no denying that ice hockey has numerous fans. It is a manly sport and even if women are playing it, the level of play in men ice hockey is much bigger. Fights are quite common and you will see many penalties in one game. Ice hockey stands out as a really powerful game from a lot of point of views.


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