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What is MBT

Updated on March 24, 2017

MBT for begginers

The MTB is known as the all terrain bike or mountain bike - a way to get hours of fun and full adrenaline. It is an adventure sport, in which the main objective is to cross various types of routes with various irregularities and obstacles. It works a bit like trekking, a walking sport, with the difference that the mountain bike is done on top of a mountain bike. Mountain biking is practiced on dirt roads, on mountain tracks, in mountain ranges, in parks and even on some paths that can be built in a city.

Its practice occurs in isolated places and difficult to access, as such, it is essential that each practitioner is self-sufficient, implying for example being able to repair a hole in the tire whenever necessary. It is a sport that requires technique, endurance and dexterity of its practitioners. The perfect practice of the MBT happens when a rider is in tune and communion with your bike and its route.

There are several modalities that can be practiced in the MBT, like Cross Country (CC), Down Hill (DH), Free Ride (FR), Dual (DL), Trip trail or Marathon, 4x, Trial, BMX and Orientation and with that Many national and international competitions. In order to practice any type of sport, it is necessary that the cyclist has all the necessary equipment, namely, the bicycle most suitable for the modality that he intends to practice, helmet, gloves, a reserve tube, a pump to fill air , Cantel and foods, preferably cereal bars or fruit that are rich in carbohydrates and are easy to carry.

Overall, MBT is a sport that has been gaining an increasing number of fans and practitioners and this has caught the attention of the media. All events are entitled to television coverage (thematic or public channels), which makes this sport is in full expansion. The interest aroused is so great that the main brands were attracted to the MBT and bet heavily on the commercial side of this radical modality. The MBT industry is growing and has more and more visibility and who wins with it is the sport itself and all its practitioners.

This is a sport accessible to all concerned and if you are one of those people who want to practice a more radical activity in their free time, but still does not know which one is right for you, MBT may be the best answer.

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