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What is Outpost Fishing?

Updated on June 29, 2010

Outpost fishing offers you the chance to experience areas of unsettled wilderness that are inaccessible by road. Outpost fishing is particularly popular in Alaska and Canada, where many such areas exist and where many fishermen and women seek walleye, salmon, pike, bass, trout, and other species. Outpost fishing usually consists of an outfitter who flies you in to a remote lake or part of a river to fish. Here are some tips to help you plan an outpost fishing trip for yourself or your family.

1. Choose the Species of Fish You’re After

Canada has many species of fish that draw fishermen and women each year. Walleye are the most popular fish in Canada, largely because of their beautiful green and gold coloring, their great taste, and the challenge involved in catching them. Pike can grow up to 50 pounds and are large predatory fish that pose a challenge as well. Salmon are unique tasting and worth the effort to be able to eat fresh. The type of fish you want to catch will determine the location of your trip. For example, walleye fishing is best in northern Ontario, while Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon offer the best Northern Pike fishing in the world.

2. Choose an Outfitter

A knowledgeable outfitter will make your outpost fishing trip a memorable and stress-free experience. There are many choices throughout Canada that offer services and instruction for fisherman of all experience levels. Outfitters will provide you with advice about the area in which you’ll be fishing as well as basic transportation to get you to your outpost fishing location. Call outfitters that you are interested in to ask about their services and experience. Ask for references and follow up. Ask friends for recommendations and visit online discussion boards. These methods should help you choose a good outfitter to make your trip a success.

3. Choose a Package to Fit Your Skill Level

Your experience level will determine the type of outpost fishing trip you will want. If you are inexperienced in fishing for the type of fish you’re after or have little fishing experience at all, you can get a guided fishing trip from your outfitter; many will even provide you with the necessary tackle and bait and will clean your fish after the catch. If you are an experienced fisherman or woman, many outfitters offer flyin fishing trips in which they drop you off and provide lodging while you fish by yourself.

Image Credit:  ray majoran, Flickr


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