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Planking - An Explanation of the Planking Fad

Updated on June 1, 2015

Soccer Planking

Soccer Player Planking
Soccer Player Planking | Source

Pointless Fads- Pet Rocks

Something called planking became all the rage around 2010 and was getting lots of attention. Soccer players were doing this, celebrities on talk shows and teens taking it to the extreme. The planking fad or craze was basically when people lie down flat and straight, face down with their arms in straight and tight by their side. Then their friend would snap a digital picture of them with their camera or cell phone. This picture is then shared online on Facebook or some other website. The picture is also named to help describe the planking. Then the comments are made. So called "plankers" then try to get one up on their friends to see who can come up with the most creative and inventive planking photos. It's was silly and kind of pointless but just the kind of thing that gets people's attention and makes them want to join in the fun. The planking fad lasted probably only a few months. It was mostly harmless fun.

Pet Rocks- 1970s Fad

Does anyone remember pet rocks? This was a ridiculous fad way back in the 1970s. People actually got rocks with little eyes glued to them and other nonsense like that and paid money for them and called them pets. Yes, rocks! I remember that my buddy had one and one morning before we were going to school I was at his house before our bus picked us up and I took his pet rock and filled up his bathroom sink with water and put the rock in the water to jokingly drown the rock. He pretended like I was committing bloody murder and saved his poor rock from drowning.

Just like planking, pet rocks were harmless and required the participants to go along with something stupid all in the name of good fun and humor.

Pet Rocks were a hugely popular fad back in the 1970's.
Pet Rocks were a hugely popular fad back in the 1970's. | Source

Planking in a Train


Train Planking

The guy is planking in the luggage bin of a train. It's very clever and that was a key part of planking in being as original and creative as possible with the planking ideas. Just plain planking on the ground would not be nearly as interesting. People of course got quite creative with their ideas at the peak of the planking euphoria.

Rosario Dawson Planking on Jimmy Jimmel's Desk

Rosario Dawson on Jimmy Kimmel

I was actually flicking through the channels one night and saw this model talking to Jimmy Kimmel talking about planking. Then she planked on top of his desk. I honestly didn't know who Rosario Dawson was but she is a pretty lady and sure enough planking was the topic of conversation when I happened to turn the channel onto that station. She said something about wanting to do it on his desk for a long time and of course he made some joke about he should have known about that a long time ago. He asked her how long she had been doing planking and she said for about a week. Planking on Jimmy Kimmel, that had to be a first time for Jimmy's show no doubt.

Apple Store Planking


Apple Planking

Here's a shot of a guy planking in an Apple Store. I wonder if this guy was a customer or maybe he works there in the store. That seems more likely. Do you think planking is dangerous? Can this be taken too far? Unfortunately, some people have to take things to far and have been injured and even killed doing this.

Baby Planking


Is this Baby in Danger?

Here we have a clever photo of a baby planking. Some people have been critical of planking because people are putting themselves and others in danger by doing this. This baby may be perfectly safe but there is a report of someone actually dying while planking. He reportedly fell a long way down while planking. It seems that common sense if often thrown out the window by people going for the shock factor or trying to take things to the extreme. Safety of the plankers and their friends should always be a top priority. Is that risky planking picture really worth getting killed for? I think not!

Restroom urinal planking. Clever work here for the cause.
Restroom urinal planking. Clever work here for the cause. | Source

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