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What is a Fly In Fishing Trip?

Updated on June 28, 2010

A fly in fishing trip can be a great vacation option for lovers of the great outdoors who want to spend some time in nature and see areas that are little touched by development or civilization. Fly in fishing trips are escorted fishing trips in which an outfitter takes you via plane to remote waters and either leaves you there by yourself for an extended period of time to fish or gives you a guided fishing trip at the location. Destinations of fly in fishing trips usually cannot be accessed by road or waterway. Fishermen often fish for walleye, salmon, bass, trout, and other species of fish during fly in fishing trips.

Fly In Fishing Destinations

Fly in fishing is particularly popular in Canada and Alaska, where there are many remote waters  to explore. With so much undeveloped land and water, Canada is home to many fly in fishing outfitters and hosts hoards of flyin fishing trips each year. Canada walleye fishing trips are particularly popular. The fly in fishing season in most parts of the country runs from May to October, with July and August being the most ideal months, as swimming is possible in many places during this time.

In Alaska, salmon is the most popular fish to fly in fish for, though rainbow trout and steelhead are regularly sought as well. As Alaska has so many coastlines, lagoons, and lakes, there are also many boating options for fishing, including rafting trips, which provide an alternative to fly in fishing for those not inclined to air travel.

Kinds of Fly In Fishing Trips

In most cases, you will need an outfitter for your fly in fishing trip. There are many choices throughout Canada and Alaska, and most offer instruction for fisherman of all experience levels, from beginners to experts. Outfitters will at minimum provide air transport to and from the fishing area and advice about the area. Most outfitters offer fly in fishing packages that may include fly in fishing camps to host you during your stay, tackle and bait, and even cleaning services after the catch. Of course, what package you choose will depend upon your experience and how isolated from other people you wish to be.

Outfitters also frequently offer activities for the non-fishermen in your family to enjoy while you snag your big fish. Many offer sightseeing tours around water areas as well. In the winter, some outfitters provide ice fishing equipment and snowmobile rentals, though availability varies depending on the weather and the safety of these activities.

Image Credit: zappowbang, Flickr


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