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What is a Mud Run? Camp Pendleton Mud Run 10K

Updated on April 30, 2012

Camp Pendleton Mud Run 2012

Are you a runner looking for a challenge and change of scenery? Check out the annual Camp Pendleton Mud Run and get down and dirty in the mud pits!

Did you just say…mud pits? You heard that right; one of the best mud run I ever participated in was the annual world famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run near San Diego, California.

Reporting to Camp Pendleton- a terrain usually seen with young, muscular, fit men in uniform ready to prove their worthiness to the group of Marines. But today is a special day. It was just 5000 regular civilians, including myself, standing at the starting line, stretching and taking one last bite of the banana.

Do you have what it takes to complete the Camp Pendleton Mud Run?

Camp Pendleton Mud Run
Camp Pendleton Mud Run | Source

I looked around and noticed runners of all ages looking excited and nervous at the same time. Some were wearing team costumes and some had a huge mischievous grins. Everyone else seemed to be pumped up with adrenaline, ready to take on the unknown hills. I was just relieved to have my other five teammates with me.

I didn’t know what everyone's goal was that day, but I just wanted bragging rights for having completed a 6.2 miles obstacle course, sprayed by a Marine's water hose, and the joy of rolling around in the mud pit.

Top Mud Runs 2012

You can find a mud run to meet your personal interest:

(In order of level of difficulty!)

Survivor mud run

Warrior Dash

Camp Pendleton Mud Run

USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run

Spartan Race

Tough Mudder

For more information:

What is a Mud Run?

A mud run is a messy, but fun event that mixes running with obstacle courses such as walls, a deep water crossing, tires, tunnels, and a huge mud pit before the finish line. Runners are required to either climb up a five feet wall or pull themselves up by a rope.

There are two water crossings, one of which is waist deep, soaking the runners. Mud pits are deep enough that runners need to crawl through them (army style). There are pits that have ropes under which runners must submerge completely in order to get through.

There are awards for individual runners as well as teams. Unlike your average 10K or marathon, a mud run is an experience nothing like you’ve ever tried in your running career. All runners are guaranteed that they get dirty and have lots of fun at the same time!

Get ready to have a dirty blast with your friends at the Camp Pendleton Mud Run
Get ready to have a dirty blast with your friends at the Camp Pendleton Mud Run | Source

World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run 2012

Who doesn't want to conquer a race where the number rule is, as stated in the disclosure: "Have fun"?

The course was a 6.2 mile stretch of rolling hills, tire obstacles, river crossings, 5-foot walls, and a 30-foot mud pit at the end. And of course, Marines on the sideline spraying water at us while screaming, “Keep moving! Keep moving!”

Oh don't worry, we kept moving all right. The one thing that motivated me to run faster towards the finish line was the "Filthy Fun Fest" at the end. We were rewarded with live music, food, and beer.


Does age matter in mud runs?

It is created for everyone and anyone of all ages! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run a 10K before or if you’re a trained marathon runner. It doesn’t even matter if you’re short, chubby, or have a six-pack. You don’t even have to be in amazing shape to do it! By the way, having a six-pack will help you get over the five-foot wall. Don't worry- the Marines will gently push you over anyway!

Depending on the city you live in, different types of mud races are available. You can choose to run the Warrior Dash, where you’ll need to just know how to run, to tougher events like Tough Mudder, where you should train a bit more seriously. Either way, they both encourage an open mind and a fun attitude.

Have you ever completed a mud run?

See results

Get your running gear for the mud run!

How to Train for the Mud Run Camp Pendleton?

Are you convinced yet? Are you excited from just watching that video? Ready to try the most amazing road race you will ever run? If you want to have some crazy fun while doing something physical with your friends, look up the nearest mud race in your area.

Mud-runs events involve obstacle courses so proper training is required. You're going to need to focus on: muscle strength, muscle endurance, and cardiovascular endurance.For experienced runners, you are now required to have upper body strength in addition to preparation for the run. For those who already have the upper body strength, you must also get your legs ready for endurance running.

The recommended way to tackle this race is to set up a proper training regimen. The level and amount of training depend on the event and desired outcome.

Example of a training schedule:

  • Two to three days of running per week to increase stamina.
  • Interval training, including short sprints is also recommended to strengthen your heart and lungs.
  • Push ups will get you ready for those wall climbs.

Mud races are meant to be dirty!

Time to shower off, and head off to the "Filthy Fun Festival"
Time to shower off, and head off to the "Filthy Fun Festival" | Source

Checklist for mud race

Be prepared on race day. Here are a few suggestions on wearing the proper gear for a mud race.

  • Wear old, but comfortable shoes. Boots are more preferred, as they allow good traction. Don’t duct tape your shoes, just tie a double knot. If you duct tape your shoes; you will lose a part of traction. Besides, you might cut off circulation to your feet. Have you ever seen Marines duct tape their shoes?!
  • You can throw your pair in the donation piles.
  • Wear running tights or shorts made out of nylon fabric is a good option. Mud can easily slip right off. Spandex works well too. It is lightweight and does not absorb too much water. Do not wear cotton since it will add more water weight when wet.
  • Don’t wear sunglasses or goggles. They will fall off! If you are a contact lenses wearer, bring an extra solution of wetting drops and extra back up pair of lenses. Re-wetting drops are ideal.
  • Bring plenty of towels, a change of clothes, and plastic bags to cover your car
  • Cash for the beer

The old saying goes, “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.” Mission accomplished. Best dirtiest race ever.

Hub #23/30
Hub #23/30 | Source


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    • homesteadbound profile image

      Cindy Murdoch 6 years ago from Texas

      I have never heard of a mud race. This definitely sounds like a get down and dirty event. Wow!


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