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What Is It About Tim Tebow?

Updated on January 11, 2012

The Questions...?

I know what you're thinking...another Tim Tebow believer, right? Another religious nut! Actually no! I'm a Philadelphia Eagles fan actually. When Mr.Tebow was in college I was one of his biggest detractors. I wondered to myself, "How did this guy win the Heisman?" He can't throw! If the receiver isn't wide, WIDE open he can't hit him! How in the world did this guy win the Heisman trophy!

He has NONE the abilities that we as fans look for in other quarterbacks. So what is it about this guy? What is it that everyone see's in him? I'll tell you... Tim Tebow has that one word that you keep hearing from all of the football experts out there. As a matter of fact I never understood that one word until I seen him in action. That word....INTANGIBLES.

Tim Tebow might not be able to hit the wide receiver in stride like a Tom Brady. But he has something that Mr. Brady doesn't: those darn intangibles! What are they? I still don't think I know but he has them. The ability to pull out a win when it all seems like it's over. The ability to exude that confidence to the rest of his teammates.

Is it all him? Is he the only reason that the Denver Broncos are in the playoffs? Of course not. He's in a great system. They have a great running game. They have a great defense. They have a good offensive line. All of these things have played a factor in the Broncos getting to the playoffs. But when you factor in the "intangibles" of Tim Tebow. Well, there it is.

Can't Put A Finger On It...?

What are these so-called "intangibles?" You can't quite put a finger on it. Is it heart? I think that's part of it. I think that the power to WILL a winning situation from a losing situation is one of the "intangibles." Joe Montana had it. Tom Brady has it. Peyton Manning has it. All of the great quarterbacks of the game have it. That one thing that tells you that even when you're down with two minutes to go, you can still win this game! That's intangible. That thing that you can't quite put your finger on.

But am I comparing Tim Tebow to those greats that have proven themselves and have won the Big One? No! The difference between those gods of football and Tim Tebow is that they had pure quarterback skill. Tim Tebow has some skill. Certainly more than you or me. But less than a guy playing in the NFL should have. But that can be remedied with hard work and practice.

I'm not saying that he 's uncoachable. He WILL get better! I'm just saying that in my lifetime I have never seen one person come out of college have more influence and less skill than Tim Tebow! What he lacks in skill, he oozes in "intangibles!" Don't get me wrong, he will get better. But for now his intangibles, his heart and a great system are what have bought him this far.

I believe that Mr. Tebow will be a good quarterback one day. But it will take some time and hard work on his part. If he continues to work on his craft, he will get better. He cannot, I repeat CANNOT go through the NFL depending on this intangible and infectious ability he has to inspire and elevate those around him. He is in a great system. But a great system will only take you so far if you don't practice and get better yourself.

Tim Tebow is a model of humanity. He is a work in progress as we all should be. I'm not going to speak on his religion because that is another subject for another hub.( And I can't put a finger on that either. lol!) But I will tell you that if you're not a believer of this guy. Just watch one of his games as a Denver Bronco. Watch him in the game against the Chicago Bears. He has something. He has "it!" What is It!? I don't know. But he has it!

Like I told you before, I wasn't a Tebow fan at all. But I saw something in that game against the Bears that made me a believer. This is a game that they should have lost. But they won it. Huh! Go figure!


I'll give you an example of someone that wasn't a believer of his own quarterback and is now looking for a job. Tiki Barber. Here's a guy that left the game after setting all kinds of records for the New York Giants. He then gets a job with NBC as a sportscaster. He uses that position to bash his new quarterback Eli Manning. He calls him all kinds of names and says "...that the guy doesn't have what it takes to be a quarterback in the NFL. He's just a kid trying to be as good as his older brother!" Boy was he wrong!

That very next year that "kid" took the Giants to the Super Bowl against a seemingly undefeatable New England patriots team. If you want to see "intangibles" watch one of the last plays of that game. The play where it seemed like Eli was caught and sacked and he comes out of the crowd and fires a bomb down-field to David Tyree! David Tyree was covered! And not only was he covered he caught the ball on the side of his helmet! How's that for intangibles!

Everyone involved in that play caught a whiff of what Eli was oozing: CONFIDENCE! From Eli throwing the ball, to David Tyree catching it on the SIDE OF HIS HELMET, to coach Tom Coughlin calling the time out! They all felt it and believed. And as a result, they all got a Super Bowl ring out of it. The only one who didn't believe was the one who retired: Tiki Barber.

I bet you if he ever gets back in the NFL he'll be a believer now, huh! Be a believer...

Eli Manning Pass To David Tyree...!

He Did it Again...!

As I 've said before I USED to be one of Tim Tebow's biggest detractors...WHEN HE WAS IN COLLEGE! But I'm a believer now! If you didn't see the game on Sunday, then you missed one Hell (...sorry Tim! lol!) of a game! I wasn't going to watch it because I figured that the Steelers would trounce them! Boy was I wrong!

Actually I was playing my favorite game on my Xbox 360, Battlefield 3! Something told me to check the score after a minute, and low and behold it was 17 - 6, and Denver was winning! That immediately made me put that video game on the back-burner!

As I said before, it's not all Tebow. Denver has a great defense, a good offensive line and good wide receivers and running backs! The aura of Tim Tebow just adds to the mystique! Now do I expect them to go into the Patriots home field and beat Tom Brady and his crew? No , I do not! But I didn't expect them to beat the Steelers either! That's the beauty of playoff football, you never know what's going to happen!

But if they do beat the Patriots I WILL post a highlight of that video here also! So look for it! In the meantime if you were living under a rock and haven't seen the end of this incredible game, check out the video below!

Like I said earlier, there's certainly something about this kid. And think about this, his quarterbacking skills can only get better...scary right!?

Tebow Comments...

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    • CJoseph profile image


      7 years ago from Oregon

      Interesting that you were not a fan of Tebow during his college years. He was quite successful then. I do agree that he has something special and we should all sit up and take notice!

    • NightFlower profile image


      7 years ago

      Yeah my sentiments exactly...he throws occasionally and Definitely too less for there to be this "big party" everyday on ESPN over him. I mean the guy is ok...I don't have anything against him. I don't know 'em but I definitely don't see what the big deal is now or what it was before. When he was with Florida he wasn't know for being able to throw then either. We are a rare pair you and me -smile.

    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 

      7 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      Great post on Tebow. I wish I could have bought stock in him:) I like that you called out the history. Heisman winner, National Champion, and now a playoff win as an 8.5 underdog (that's a lot in the NFL).

      I read somewhere (wish I could find it) that having a top two selling jersey in the NFL was a great predictor of going to the Hall of Fame. If so, Tebow is on his way. Making it to that glorious hall while we all watch and aren't quite sure how he does it.


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